New video message from Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i: “How Did Saddam Drop Chemical Bombs On 1,000s of Iranians With a U.S. Green Light?”



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New release from Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i: “The Deal of the Century Will Never Happen”

First Sermon:

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. “Praise be to Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth and made darkness and light. Yet those who reject faith hold others as equal with their Guardian-Lord.”[The Holy Quran, 6: 1]

And peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure, immaculate and chosen household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth, and greetings be upon the leaders of Muslims, those who support the oppressed and those who guide the faithful.

I advise you servants of God to fear God.

I would like to congratulate all you dear worshipers, all the people of Iran and the entire Islamic Ummah on the auspicious Eid ul-Fitr. In order to show the significance of this day, it is enough to say that in the qunut section of Fitr prayers – during which we say dhikr – we swear to God, saying, “By the blessedness of this day.” This reminds us of the greatness of this day.

Also, I deem it necessary to ask God to bestow His blessings and mercy on the dear martyrs of the 15th of Khordad [of 1342]: martyrs who were martyred in Tehran, in Qom, in Varamin, in Pishva and in other parts of the country. I hope that in the shade of the pure souls of these martyrs, Allah the Exalted makes the Iranian nation steadfast on this glorious path.

I wish to sincerely thank the Iranian nation for their endeavor on the last Friday of the auspicious month of Ramadhan and for their participation in the great public rally throughout the country. It was a great move. Some people may not know how influential this strong and solid presence can be in international policies and how it can change the opinion of the enemies of the Iranian nation as it can disrupt their calculations.

The auspicious month of Ramadhan was the month of divine blessings and divine mercy. It was the month of cleansing hearts and showing one’s faith. Throughout that month, our youth and our teenagers – at very tender ages – endured fasting on very hot days only for the sake of the divine command. This year, many of our teenagers had final exams, but they did not stop fasting. They endured both fasting on hot days and the difficulty of studying and taking exams. This is very valuable! These issues show the growth of religious faith among our youth and our adolescent generation.

The people passed good exams in terms of spirituality in this month. The presence of the people in mosques, hussainiyahs, imamzadehs and in various other religious sites throughout the country was a warm and enthusiastic presence. According to the reports that I received in those days, in Tehran, the people gathered together to listen to perceptive and insightful speeches, for reciting duas, for saying dawn prayers and for shedding early morning tears. These are really great blessings and spiritual provisions which originate from the pure hearts of teenagers and youth throughout the country. By Allah’s favor, these things will bless our future.

One of the blessings of this month is the increasing Quranic meetings that are held. Almost all over the country, Quran recitation meetings are held. This is a very precious hand valuable course of action.

In this month, the willpower of the masses of the people is strengthened in the way of God and it moves towards divine piety. This happens particularly in the Nights of Qadr. The great gatherings of the Nights of Qadr are truly instructive. Different individuals, people from various social backgrounds wearing different clothes and having different dispositions gather together under one roof and in one single place and they engage in supplication and shedding tears. These things should be appreciated.

The month of Ramadhan is the month of the flowing of divine mercy. This is a provision for our country and our people. I hope that God will help you preserve this provision until another month of Ramadan so that you can once more open this gate of divine mercy to yourselves.


 “In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Say: He, Allah, is One.

Allah is He on Whom all depends.

He begets not, nor is He begotten.

And none is like Him” [The Holy Quran, 112].


Second Sermon:

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure, immaculate and chosen household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth

In particular, I wish to mention the infallible Imams: Ali ibn Abi Talib (greetings be upon him) – the Commander of the Faithful – Hassan, Hussein, the master of the youth of paradise, Ali ibn al-Hussein, the Master of Worshippers, Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir, the Holder of Prophetic Knowledge, Ja’far ibn Muhammad al- Sadiq, Musa ibn Ja’far al-Kadhim, Ali ibn Musa ar-Ridha, Muhammad ibn Ali al-Jawad, Ali ibn Muhammad al-Hadi, Hassan ibn Ali al-Zaki al-Askari and Hujjat al-Qaem al-Mahdi. Greetings be upon them all and I ask God for His forgiveness for me and you

In the first sermon, I discussed matters related to worshiping and paying attention to Allah the Exalted. In this sermon, I will discuss matters related to God’s servants.

Another side of this year’s month of Ramadhan – as is the case in all years – was helping other people which is thankfully expanding on a daily basis in the country. The people thankfully welcomed the idea of holding simple iftar meals which had been advised. The people catered iftar meals in mosques, in hussainiyahs, in the street, in the big squares of the city and even in the alleys and other people participated in them. Various individuals, even those who had limited financial means managed to participate in holding these public and collective iftar meals. Later on, there was a call to help and the people welcomed it. They helped to organize an iftar banquet. Billions of tomans were collected and expended for the iftar. These are great courses of action that are thankfully expanding among our people in the form of decent Islamic habits and traditions.

Also, the people’s Ramadhani assistance to the victims of the recent floods was impressive. I would like to use this opportunity to say to all our brothers and sisters throughout the country and in particular to our honorable officials that they should never consign the issue of the flood-stricken victims to oblivion. These issues are very important! We should follow up the matter in a serious way and the problems should be resolved with absolute seriousness.

Particularly in areas like Khuzestan where the weather is hot and where the heat in this season and in the following seasons will be unbearable, we should think of those brothers and sisters. One of the necessary and urgent tasks for both the masses of the people and officials is this issue.

As for international issues, these days, the issue of Palestine is one of the most important issues of the world of Islam. The treason of some orientations in Islamic countries has led to explicitly treasonous actions regarding the issue of Palestine. The summit that is going to be held in Bahrain is orchestrated by the Americans, but the rulers of Bahrain have prepared the ground for this with their weakness, their various inabilities, and their appallingly bad and anti-popular and anti-Islamic spirit. They have committed themselves to hold this summit.

The goal of the summit is to implement the wrong, treacherous and malicious plan of the US regarding Palestine, which has been referred to as “the deal of the century.” Of course, this will never happen and by Allah’s favor, the deal of the century will never be concluded.

I wish to thank those Muslim and Arab countries which have expressed their opposition to it and also the Palestinian groups which have opposed it. This is a grave act of treason against the world of Islam! I hope that the rulers of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia realize in what quagmire they are setting foot and what damages it will inflict on them in the future.

Dear God, by the blessedness of Muhammad and his household, familiarize the world of Islam with its interests and guide Muslim people, the Muslim Ummah, Muslim nations and Muslim rulers towards the path of growth and righteousness.

 “In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

To you, have We granted the Fount (of Abundance),

Therefore to your Lord turn in Prayer and Sacrifice,

For he who hates you, he will be cut off” [The Holy Quran, 108].


Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings



New release from Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i: “The Election of Donald Trump Is a Clear Sign of the Political and Moral Decline of the U.S.”

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure, immaculate, chosen and infallible household – those who guide the guided – especially the one remaining with Allah on earth

Today, exactly thirty years have passed from that bitter historic day: thirty years from the departure of our beloved magnanimous Imam, thirty years from that historic farewell and from that glorious and unique goodbye that our people said to their dear and peerless Imam. In these thirty years, there have been many efforts to fade the remembrance and name of Imam. Many malign measures have been adopted to ignore the principles, thoughts and path of Imam in the macro-management of the Islamic Republic.

There have been some endeavors to undermine and decrease the unique magnetism of our magnanimous Imam. It is thirty years now that various enemies and some ignorant individuals have been making these efforts, but reality has formed the exact opposite of the desires of opponents and enemies. The reality is that not only has the magnetism of Imam not decreased but it has also achieved more continuity.

One sign of this reality is today’s great gathering. Thirty years after the demise of our magnanimous Imam, this enthusiastic and great gathering is commemorating his demise anniversary in this day of the month of Ramadhan – in this hot afternoon – in such an enthusiastic and warm manner. Where in the world can one see such a thing?

You were witness – the whole world was witness – to the attraction of Imam a few days ago, in the Quds Day rallies. Forty years ago, our magnanimous Imam established Quds Day in order to defend the important issue of Palestine. Forty years have passed, yet Quds Day has not become outdated. This year there were Quds Day rallies in more than 100 countries in remembrance of our magnanimous Imam. That is while the arrogant policies of the US, its cohorts and followers are focused on consigning the issue of Palestine to oblivion and on erasing the matter completely. You have heard the news about the malevolence of the Americans and the treason of some of Arab leaders on this matter.

In such circumstances, the influence of our magnanimous Imam has caused the matter of Quds to be highlighted in more than 100 countries. And this has not been organized by politicians and official political spokespeople, rather it has been organized by the masses of people and by Muslims themselves. This is a sign of the magnetism of Imam which continues to thrive even thirty years after his demise.

No magnetism equals his in the world. I would like to use this opportunity to thank our dear people from the bottom of my heart because of that glorious and magnificent presence on the last Friday of the auspicious month of Ramadhan during which time large gatherings of the people entered the arena. The people showed no negligence in acting on Imam’s advice and nor will they do so in the future.

What is the secret to this magnetism? Where does the unique magnetism of our magnanimous Imam come from? I will only explain certain parts of the matter because this requires a more extensive discussion. Imam enjoyed certain personality traits and God-given blessings which are seen in very few individuals to such an extent.

Imam had these characteristics: he was a brave, wise and intelligent individual. He was a pious and devoted person who was attached to God Almighty. He was devoted to divine dhikr. He was a man who would fight against oppression and who would not get along with it. He would fight against oppression. He was a supporter of the oppressed. He combated arrogance. He was a man who would pursue justice and who would advocate and support the oppressed.

He was sincere. He was honest with the people. He would say to the people what he held in his heart and he would share with them his heartfelt feelings. He would behave towards them in a sincere way. He was a man of jihad in the way of God and he would not sit idle. He was constantly engaged in jihad.

He was a manifestation of this ayah: “Therefore, when you are free from your immediate task, still labor hard, and to your Lord turn all your attention.” [The Holy Quran, 94: 7-8] When he finished doing a great task, he would turn to another great one and he would pursue it. He was a man of fighting in the way of God. These are the elements in the magnetism of Imam. All these characteristics existed in Imam.

Anyone who has these characteristics can attract hearts. These are the same good deeds about which Allah the Exalted says, “On those who believe and work deeds of righteousness will Allah the Most Gracious bestow love.” [The Holy Quran, 19: 96] This is the divine promise. And these affections are divine affections. They are not propagandist affections and they are not imposed and suggested. They are the work of God and are in His hands.

Imam had a certain characteristic which I would like to explain more today. That characteristic is resistance: resistance and firmness. What introduced Imam as a man with a school of thought and philosophy in his own time and in history had more to do with this characteristic: the characteristic of steadfastness, resistance and refusal to give in to problems and obstacles. Imam showed his resistance in the face of all forms of taghut: whether the domestic taghut during revolutionary activities or the taghuts that existed after the victory of the Revolution.

During revolutionary activities, many individuals became exhausted and they were on the verge of despair, but Imam stood firm. He stood firm on the path of fighting without the slightest retreat. This was related to pre-revolutionary era. After the victory of the Revolution too, other comprehensive pressures loomed large before him, but he did not lose the essence of resistance and steadfastness. He resisted.

When I look at this characteristic of Imam’s and when I refer to Quranic ayahs, I see that he truly defined many Quranic ayahs with his steadfastness and resistance. For example, the Quran has said, “Now then for that reason, call them to the faith, and stand steadfast as you are commanded, nor follow you their vain desires.” [The Holy Quran, 42: 15] Threats, temptations and deceptions would not influence him. This does not mean that they did not try to threaten, tempt and deceive him. They did so, but it would not influence Imam in any way and it would not undermine his resistance.

The important point is that the efforts and threats of the enemy could not disrupt his calculation system. This is one of the important measures that the enemies adopt: when he faces you and when he knows your intentions and decisions, he tries to do something to change your calculations and to disrupt your calculation system. This is one of the important measures that the enemy adopts in various arenas. However, the enemy could not disrupt the calculation system of our magnanimous Imam which was based on the truths of the enlightening religion of Islam.

What does resistance mean? Resistance means that you choose a path that you deem legitimate and true. It means moving on this path and not allowing obstacles to prevent you from taking that path. This is what resistance means. Imagine that you face an obstacle or a deep hole when you are taking a road or imagine that you face a rock when you want to reach the peak of a mountain. When some people confront this rock, this obstacle or this thief or wolf, they return and they change their minds about continuing the path. However, some people do not do so. They look around and see how they can get around the rock and maneuver the obstacle. They find the way, remove the obstacle or pass through it in an intelligent way. Resistance means this.

And Imam was like that. He had chosen a path and he was treading it. What was the path? What was his claim that made him insist on it? His claim was about the authority of God’s religion: the authority of God’s religion and divine school over the Muslim community and over the public life of peoples. This was his claim. After having managed to overcome the obstacles and establish the Islamic Republic, he announced that we would neither oppress nor give in to oppression. He said that we would not oppress nor give in to it, that we would not get along with oppressors and that we would support the oppressed. This was his claim.

This claim originates from the essence of religion. It originates from the Quran. This is stressed and approved not only by the Quran but also by common sense. Confronting oppression, defending the oppressed and refusing to cooperate and get along with oppressors is something which is approved by all wise personalities in the world. Imam would persist with this.

Well, it is evident that this claim and this outlook has staunch enemies in the world. The arrogant apparatuses of the world are into oppression. When Imam launched that great movement, it was already more than 200 years that western governments had placed certain nations in different corners of the world – in Asia, in Africa and in many different countries – under their increasing oppression. The English in India and the surrounding regions, the French in Africa – in Algeria and other countries – and some other European countries in various countries were busy displaying transparent and naked oppression.

Well, it is evident that they become upset at this slogan. When a government is established in the center of Asia – in this sensitive region, in Iran – which chants the slogan of not getting along with oppression, not accepting oppression, not compromising with oppressors and supporting the oppressed, it is evident that this is unbearable and intolerable for them. That is why enmities began from the first day.

Enmity began by those who were interested in showing oppression and transgression and in extorting others. Naturally, they could not get along with the nature of our magnanimous Imam’s message – that is to say, the Islamic Republic. That is why enmities began from the first day. In the first decade after the Revolution, during the time of the auspicious life of our magnanimous Imam, they showed enmity in one way, after the demise of Imam they showed enmity in another way and in the past two, three decades too, they showed enmity in a different way. From the beginning, in the face of this cowardly and malicious aggression, Imam laid the foundation for the idea of resistance, steadfastness and not losing the path and the goal. He showed this path to us, to the Iranian nation, to fighters and to the officials of the country as a lesson and as a roadmap to follow.

This resistance gradually exceeded the borders of the Islamic Republic. This does not mean that we wish to export this title and idea of resistance. Some people – including politicians and others – complain here and there why we want to export the Revolution. We are not exporting the Revolution. The Revolution is a thought, a philosophy, a roadmap. If it is accepted and cherished by a nation, it will welcome it on its own. Did we say to other countries to rally on Quds Day? They themselves did so. They themselves wished to do so. Resistance was accepted by other nations on its own.

Today in our region – West Asia – the common word among nations is resistance. Everyone agrees with resistance. Of course, some people dare enter the arena of resistance and some people do not dare do so, but those who dare do this are not few in number. The recent defeats that the Americans suffered in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and other such countries were an outcome of the resistance of Resistance groups. The Resistance camp is a strong camp today.

Of course, we do not deny that because we people of Iran firmly resisted, moved forward and made achievements, others were encouraged to pursue resistance. This has been acknowledged by non-Iranian analysts and political experts in the world as well. A well-known international analyst – all of you have heard his name – says that one of the most important reasons behind the enmity of the US towards the Islamic Republic is that the Islamic Republic took the path of resistance, succeeded in it and managed to overcome the obstacles. This is one of the reasons behind its enmity. They want us to be defeated. They wish that we become discouraged. They want us to hold up our hands as a sign of surrender. Because we are not doing so, they are showing enmity.

Please pay attention because I want to raise a necessary and important point. Well, Imam chose the path of resistance. The important point is that he did not choose it out of excitement and transient feelings. The choice of resistance by Imam has a solid logical source of support. It is a reasonable, scientific and of course, religious source of support. Behind the steadfastness and resistance of Imam, there stands logic. Now, I wish to discuss a few constituents of this logic:

One constituent of this logic is that resistance is a natural reaction that every liberated and honorable nation produces in the face of imposition and bullying. No other reason is required. Every nation that attaches value to its honor, identity and human nature shows resistance and steadfastness when they want to impose something on it. This is a plausible and convincing reason in its own right. This is one constituent.

The second constituent is that resistance, unlike surrender, leads to the retreat of the enemy. When the enemy bullies you, if you take a step back, he will undoubtedly advance. The way to stop him from advancing is to resist. Showing steadfastness and resistance in the face of the enemy’s greed, extortion and blackmail is the way to prevent him from advancing. So resistance is a wise course of action.

We ourselves are like this. Our experience in the Islamic Republic shows the same thing. I have many examples in my mind, but I do not want to get into details and to cite the examples. Generally speaking, whenever we showed steadfastness and resistance, we managed to move forward and whenever we surrendered and moved according to the whims of the other side, we received a blow. There are clear examples in this regard. Intelligent and well-informed individuals can easily find the examples in the forty-year life of the Islamic Republic. This was another part of that logic.

The third constituent of the logic of resistance is what I said in the same gathering one or two years ago: there is a price for resistance and it will not come cheap, however the price of surrendering to the enemy is higher than that of resistance! When you surrender to the enemy, you have to pay a price for that. The Pahlavi regime had surrendered to the US. It occurred many times that they were unhappy and dissatisfied, but they were subservient to them because they were intimidated by the US. The regime used to give them money and it used to be blackmailed and humiliated by them.

Today, the Saudi government is like this. They give them money, they give them their dollars, they adopt positions according to the wishes of the US and they are insulted at the same time. They are described as a “dairy cow.” So, the price that one pays for compromising, surrendering and not resisting is much more than the price that one pays for resisting! It has both a worldly and otherworldly price [audience chant, “no compromise, no surrender, battle against America”]. Please pay attention. I am not speaking about a battle, rather I am speaking about resistance. The discussion about “battle” is a separate discussion. I am speaking about showing steadfastness, resisting and refusing to retreat. Pay careful attention.

The forth element and constituent of the logic of resistance founded by our magnanimous Imam is related to the Quranic part of the divine promise. Allah the Exalted has promised in numerous ayahs of the Quran that the advocates of the truth will be the ultimate victors. There are numerous ayahs which confirm this. They might have to make some sacrifice, but they will not suffer defeat at the end. They will be victors on this scene. They will make some sacrifice but they will not be frustrated.

I wish to cite two, three examples from the Quran in this regard. The dear youth who are interested in the Quran should refer to and deliberate on them: “Or do they intend a plot? But those who defy Allah are themselves involved in a plot.” [52: 42] They think that they are preparing the ground for plotting against the front of the truth and resistance, but they do not know that there is a plot being hatched against them on the basis of divine nature and tradition. Another ayah says, “And We wished to be Gracious to those who were being oppressed in the land.” [28: 5] Another ayah says, “If you aid the cause of Allah, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly.” [47: 7] There is another ayah, “Allah will certainly aid those who aid his cause.” [22: 40]

Numerous ayahs in the Quran all give this promise to those who are on the path of resistance. This is another part of the logic. One part of the strong argument and logic of Imam stems from these ayahs. There are tens of ayahs in the Holy Quran, but I cited only three, four ayahs in this regard.

The fifth point that should be considered for the logic of resistance, as Imam did so – we too know, understand and consider it – is that resistance is a feasible course of action. This is the exact opposite of the wrong notion that some people have. Such individuals say, “It is of no use. How do you want to resist? The other side is a thug and bully. He is strong.”

This is a grave mistake. The grave mistake is thinking that it is not possible to resist and to stand up against global bullies. I wish to explain this a little more because it is an important matter which is related to our affairs. In the present time, we have some people wearing the clothes of intellectuality and the like who suggest in the press, in their books, in their speeches here and there that it is no use challenging them, that it is not possible to stand up against them and that we should accept their terms. The gist of their statements is that we should let them ride us, thus relieving ourselves of all the problems. I will tell you that the outlook of “we cannot” results from the same error in calculation which I have mentioned before. This is an error of calculation.

Such errors of calculation in every matter result from failing to correctly see the different dimensions of a matter. When the issue is about a confrontation – an encounter between two fronts – the error of calculation stems from failing to gain a correct understanding about our own front and that of the other side. When we fail to gain a correct understanding, we will make a mistake in our calculations. However, if we understand it correctly, our calculations will be different. I will tell you that in our calculations on the issue of resistance against global bullies, we should correctly understand the facts about these bullies and the facts about ourselves. One of these facts is our power of resistance.

Notice that in political literature in the world, the phrase “resistance in the fashion of Imam Khomeini” is a well-known phrase. Westerners used a phrase which became very common after the liberation of Khorramshahr. This phrase is, “The doctrine of Imam Khomeini.” They brought up this phrase and wrote articles about it. I have written down a quotation by a well-known political personality in the world. If I say his name, all of you know him. He wrote it in an article: “The time for the extraordinary role of military and economic power – which is in the hands of global powers – is coming to an end. That a country which has a great military and economic capability wishes to continue its dominance, the time for these things is coming to an end because the world has changed.”

He continues to say, “In a not-too-distant future, we will be witness to trans-border powers which are not very strong in terms of military machinery – such as atomic bombs – and which may not have a great share in global industrial productions, but which will have the power to influence millions of individuals and which will challenge the west’s military and economic domination.”

This has been said by a western and American politician and analyst. Then he adds, “The Khomeini resistance doctrine has targeted the lifeline of western and American dominance.” These are the secrets to the survival of the Islamic Republic. This is the line that that great personality and that righteous servant of God left us: the line of resistance, steadfastness and appreciation of what we have.

I should add that today, the Resistance front is in its most solid condition in the past 40 years. This is the case in the region and even in centers beyond the region. This is a reality. The opposite front is an arrogant power: the arrogant power of the US and the seditious and malicious power of the Zionist regime. However, from 40 years ago onwards, this power has increasingly declined. We should consider this in our calculations. The political, social and economic condition of the US in the past and in the present time should be considered in our calculations.

Again, this has been acknowledged by some Americans. Some have referred to it as “a termite-like decline.” This has been coined by an American writer. He compares the decline of America decline to what occurs with termite. That is to say, it is becoming hollow from the inside like what termites do. American themselves have said this. This is the case in economic, social and political areas. There are clear statistics about the condition of US economy and its effect on global economy, which has declined astonishingly in recent decades. There are statistics in this regard. I have written them down, but it is not necessary to get into details. American power has declined in the area of politics as well.

Dear brothers and sisters, I will tell you that if there is only one reason to evidence the political decline of the US, which I will mention – this would be enough: the election of someone of the caliber of Mr. Donald Trump! This election in itself is a sign of the political decline of the US. The fate of three hundred-plus million individuals is in the hands of someone with these qualities: this is a sign of the political decline of the US! When someone becomes the president of a country about whose psychological, mental and moral stability there are many questions, this is a sign of the decline of that country – a political and moral decline. They constantly supported and defended the crimes and slaughter conducted by the Zionist regime. They advocated the crimes of several governments in Yemen and the slaughter of the innocent people of Yemen. They advocate crimes. Is there ever a moral decline worse than this?

There are numerous problems inside the US itself. On that day, in the beginning of the month of Ramadhan, I said [Supreme Leader’s speech in meeting with government officials delivered on May 14, 2019] that the US Department of Agriculture has officially announced that 41 million people in the US wrestle with hunger! This is the condition of the US. This is the economic condition of the US. The US government’s deficit amounts to 2.2 trillion dollars. This is a mythical sum. These sums of money are unbelievable. These are their maladies.

That is while that person expresses his sympathy with the Iranian nation saying that they want the Iranian nation to be happy and to have job opportunities. You should go correct your own affairs! If you can, you should go correct your own conditions. The US is the first in the world in terms of violent crimes. It is the first in the world in terms of drug consumption. It is the first in the world in terms of killing its own people. It is the first in the world in terms of police killings of the people. The statistics that they themselves have released show that in the past eight months, 830 Americans have been killed on the streets by the police. This is the social condition of a government that challenges the Iranian nation.

And we are the other side of the equation. Of course, we have problems. We have economic problems and we have said this many times. Officials are after resolving these problems within the scope of their power. We have problems, but we do not have any dead-ends! The important point is that we do not have any dead-ends in the country: neither on economic and social matters nor on political matters. We have problems for which there are different reasons, but we have no dead-end in the country.

On the contrary, we have made progress. At the top of the achievements of our country, there stand the dear people of Iran- these enthusiastic and insightful people. If our people did not have insight, their presence would not be seen where it matters. So, there is popular presence.

Notice what a large crowd of people marched on the streets on the 22nd of Bahman of the year 1397 – just, four, five months ago. This requires insight, determination, preparedness and willpower. The people of Iran have these: wisdom, insight, the power to stand firm and firm determination. This is the greatest strong point of the country. There are other strong points as well. So, this is the logic of resistance which I spoke about. It was with this logical source of support that Imam entered the arena of resistance.

I have written down a few points that I want to raise quickly because little time is left. My dear ones, one point is that the goal of resistance is to reach the point of deterrence. We should reach a point which has a deterrent effect in the area of economic, political, social and military matters. This point of deterrence should show itself in a way that it discourages the enemy from transgressing against the Iranian nation in all areas.

The enemy should see that his actions are of no avail and that he cannot do anything to the Iranian nation. We have reached this deterrence point to a large extent in the area of the military. When you see that they insist on the issue of missiles and the like, this is why. They know that we have achieved a point of deterrence and stability. Therefore, they want to deprive the country of this. Of course, they will never succeed.

Our confrontation with our issues and our enemies should first of all be courageous, not cowardly. Second, it should be based on hope, not despair. Third, it should be conducted in a wise and intelligent manner, not in a superficially emotional and sentimental way. Fourth, it should be innovative, not passive. We should be innovative in our confrontation. If we move in this fashion, you should know that the Iranian nation will succeed and move forward in confronting all big powers.

Another condition for success is that we should pay attention to the plots of the enemy to undermine the philosophy of resistance. My dear ones, notice that the philosophy of resistance is the most powerful weapon for a nation. So, it is natural for the enemy to want to take it away from the Iranian nation. That is why they try to tempt us and make us doubt this philosophy saying, “What is the use of it? It will not work.” The philosophy of resistance should be immunized against the enemy’s plots and it should not be undermined as a result of those plots.

The enemy’s plots are of different types. They sometimes threaten, and they sometimes tempt. An example is the recent sly move by the “honorable” US president who said, “Iran can make great achievements with their current leaders.” This means, “You current leaders of Iran, we do not want to overthrow you and you should not be worried. We do not want to topple you and we are ready to accept you.” This is a so-called sly policy addressed to the leaders of Iran. Of course, what he says is true. If the current officials of Iran show determination, roll up their sleeves, do not differentiate between day and night to work hard, show diligence, work in harmony and cooperation with one another and use popular resources correctly, more achievements will surely be made. There is no doubt about this, but the condition is that the Americans stay away!

The condition for progress is that the Americans stay away! Whenever the Americans set foot somewhere, either a war is waged, a fratricidal move is made, a sedition breaks out or some exploitation, colonialism and humiliation are brought about. The steps of the Americans are sinister steps. If they stay away, we ourselves know what to do. We know our jobs and Allah the Exalted will bestow His blessings and we will move forward, God willing.

The people are present on the scene and this presence should continue. Dear brothers, dear sisters, I will tell you that when you show such presence on the last Friday of the month of Ramadhan, the enemy’s calculations will be completely disrupted [Audience shout, “Oh liberated leader, we are prepared, prepared.”] I hope that God will bestow His blessings and mercy on you. Yes, the Iranian nation is really prepared!

I have one word of advice for the honorable officials of the country: they should focus on the main issue. In every era, there is a main issue in the country which should be focused on. Before the victory of the Revolution, the main issue was the taghuti regime which Imam focused on and succeeded in overthrowing. After the victory of the Revolution the main issue, at some point, was the firm establishment of the system. At another point in time, the main issue was Saddam’s imposed war against the country during which time the whole country focused on war and thankfully success ensued.

Today, the main and immediate issue is the issue of the economy. Of course, cultural matters are important as well. The same is true of security issues, but among all these issues, what is of more urgency is the issue of the economy because it is related to the people’s livelihood problems and it influences cultural and security matters as well.

Regarding the economy, there are important issues and topics some of which I will mention: one is boosting production. Another is the value of the national currency. Another is improving the environment of business and finance. Another issue is separating the economy of the country from selling crude oil – we should cut the umbilical cord of the budget and the economy from selling crude oil and from crude oil trade! This is one of our main issues. Another issue is turning governmental intervention into governmental guidance and supervision. This is one of the main issues as well. Another is cutting off the hands of individuals engaged in economic corruption: embezzlers, economic terrorists and merciless smugglers whose hands should be cut off from the economy.

Notice that these are the main issues of the economy of the country. The officials of the country – primarily executive officials alongside legislative officials and on certain matters, judiciary officials – should work on these matters in a unanimous manner. They should resolve them because they are the main issues. We should focus on these issues and we should avoid attending to peripheral and trivial matters. We should not create uproar. National solidarity is very important. Putting aside our political and partisan disagreements is very important. And one of the most important matters is preserving our heartfelt relationship with Allah the Exalted.

This year’s month of Ramadhan was a good month. According to the information that I have – they have delivered reports to me – in this year’s month of Ramadhan, dua, dhikr and supplication gatherings, during which some people delivered speeches and clarified Islamic teachings, were very warm. In the different neighborhoods of Tehran, large crowds of people – mostly young – gathered together to pray, to shed tears and to supplicate before God. This is very valuable! These phenomena prepare the ground for divine mercy and guidance. You should appreciate their value and you should continue them.

Dear youth, your pure and enlightened hearts can act like the key to solving great problems and they can attract divine mercy. I hope that God will make blessed the great and important month of Ramadhan that our people went through for our nation.

Today is the last day of the month of Ramadhan and we are in the final hours of this month. It will be good to say a few prayers:

God I ask and call You by the blessedness of Your Name – Allah the Great, the Grand, the Almighty, the Magnificent and the Generous – and by the blessedness of Muhammad and his household – Oh You Beneficent, Merciful and Conqueror of Hearts, make our hearts steadfast towards Your religion.

Dear God, make us steadfast on your path

Dear God, associate the immaculate soul of Imam, who taught us resistance, with his saints

Dear God, make the shade of the remembrance of Imam and our martyrs an ever-present shade on this nation

Dear God, shower Your assistance on the Iranian nation

Dear God, shower Your assistance on the Muslim Ummah

Dear God, make the seditionists in the world of Islam humiliated, humbled, notorious and contemptible.

Dear God, by the blessedness of Muhammad and his household, with Your generosity and kindness, grant these people the requests which they verbalized in dhikr and dua meetings and gatherings or which they harbored in their hearts

Dear God, answer their prayers

Dear God, by the blessedness of Muhammad and his household, make this month of Ramadhan a blessed month for the Iranian nation and the Islamic Ummah

Dear God, do not deprive us of Your generosity, Your grace, Your pardon and Your forgiveness. Forgive our sins. Forgive the sins that we and our predecessors committed. Forgive our ancestors and our parents

Dear God, by the blessedness of Muhammad and his household, make us benefit from the prayers of Your Wali and Your Hujjat. Help us be among his soldiers. Help us die martyred on this path

Dear God, by the blessedness of Muhammad and his household, make what we said, what we heard and what we will do serve You and Your cause and accept it from us with Your generosity

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings



New release from Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i: “You Will Witness the End of the U.S. and Zionist Regime Who Are the Enemies of Humanity”

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure, immaculate and chosen household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth

Today’s meeting is thankfully a very energetic and lively meeting. The characteristic of youth is primarily, liveliness and enthusiasm and by Allah’s favor, this will be a source of progress and of using opportunities in the country.

Most of the youth who spoke today expressed their concerns and addressed existing problems. This is good and there is nothing wrong with it. I am not opposed to expressing concerns and problems. I am completely alright with stating these things, but one should be careful with one’s words. This is because carelessness in speech and in the words that one chooses may bring about undesirable external impacts as well as divine questioning. Therefore, we should criticize carefully. This spirit of liveliness and making demands – I will expand on this later on – is very good.

Before I begin my statements, I would like to speak about the points that the friends in the meeting raised. I wrote down the main points that they discussed: there were two, three points. One of the friends – an honorable speaker – asked if the problems that we witness in society today – the shortcomings and hurdles some of which you pointed out – are related to the system or to officials. The structure of the Constitution is a good structure. There is nothing wrong with it. Of course, structures are completed in the course of time. Their shortcomings and gaps are eliminated and filled in, in the course of time. This is a natural process. For example, one day we did not have an Expediency Council. It was a shortcoming and a gap. Today, we have this Expediency Council. And there are other such achievements and this is the case in all systems in the world.

For example, regarding a presidential system like the government of the United States – today, 200-plus years have passed since its formation – I was reading a few years ago that they are establishing certain organizations or eliminating certain other ones. In other words, they are completing the system. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the structure. The structure is good. Of course, it is possible to make amendments to it.

As for the parliamentary system – one of the friends in the meeting discussed this – this issue has already been debated. In the assembly that was held for revising the Constitution, we discussed it at length and we reached the conclusion that we have today.

The problems ensuing from a parliamentary system, at least for us, are more than the problems resulting from a presidential system. In any case, I do not see any problem in the structure. Of course, we officials have certain shortcomings. There is no doubt about this. Officials have certain shortcomings. They have different tastes and they have certain limitations and shortcomings. The result is that we sometimes make a mistake in our moves. And our mistakes are not like the ones made by an ordinary person. When we make mistakes, they can create deep cuts in the fabric society.

Another matter discussed by the friends was that we should put an end to privatization. Of course, grave mistakes have been committed in the area of privatization which was pointed out by our dear brother. I too have issued some warnings and consequently, they have improved certain areas and they have prevented some tasks from being carried out. There are specific problems in privatization, but the essence of privatization is what the economy of our country urgently needs. This is one of those elements which completes the structure and which did not exist on the first day.

We looked at the related article in the Constitution and we announced what we understood from it. And all experts have approved of it in all aspects. They have announced that it is a good measure – and it is really so – and that it should not be stopped. However, in practice there are some problems like in other areas. As a result, some mistakes have been made and some negligence has been shown. Perhaps, there have been errors in this regard which should be made up for. Our responsibility is to prevent errors from being made.

Another issue is that they have associated this humble person with confronting revolutionary youth. You should not believe this. I will never confront revolutionary youth. I have always approved of the youth involved with the revolutionary orientation and I will continue to do that.

Of course, this does not mean that if a number of revolutionary youth commit a wrongdoing and a mistake, I will approve it. This is not the case. One day, I myself was a revolutionary youth in this country. I have spent my whole life on this path. I look at myself and I see that I have made many mistakes. So, revolutionary youth might also make certain mistakes which I will not approve of. However, I definitely approve of revolutionary youth. If something is said in this regard, you should never accept and believe it.

One of the friends said that they have associated the Leadership with ratifying the Bar-Jaam [the JCPOA]. Well, you thankfully have eyes and good intelligence. You understand everything. You should look at the letter that I wrote and see the terms of the ratification. In that letter, certain terms have been mentioned for ratifying the deal. Of course, if those terms are not observed and acted on, the duty of the Leadership is not to jump in, saying that the Bar-Jaam should not be adhered to. Of course, this in itself poses a question about the responsibility of the Leadership in such circumstances.

I believe that the Leadership should not enter the arena in executive areas and that he should not execute something or prevent something from being executed unless that specific course of action is related to the general movement of the Revolution. In these circumstances, I get involved, but in other cases no.

So no, I did not much believe in the Bar-Jaam in the way it was implemented and realized and I have pointed this out many times to the officials of this matter – Mr. President, the honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs and others – I have said this and in many cases, issued warnings to them.

Some of the friends made certain criticisms which are good. Many of them are legitimate, but you should not criticize in a very harsh tone. You should pay attention to two points: one is that when making criticisms, you should not let the other side take advantage. In other words, you should not speak in a way that they can sue you in a court of law. You should pay attention to this. Perhaps, I have issued warnings in this regard two, three times in my meetings with youth. You should pay attention that you should not speak in a way that the other side can take advantage of it by convicting you in a judicial sense. This is one point.

The second point is that you should avoid behaving in an extremist way when it comes to speaking. Notice that in the Quran, when God says something about unbelievers and the opponents of the Holy Prophet, He says afterwards, “But most of them ignore the truth” [The Holy Quran, 6: 11]. The Quran does not say, “All of them ignore the truth.” Rather, it says “most of them.” This means that there are some among them who are not included in this verdict.

It should not be the case that you reject a group of people downright or criticize them in this way. This is because some of them may not be relevant to your criticism. These are warnings that are important. You are my children. You are really like my own children – I would like the direction that you are taking to be a correct direction.

Now, I wish to speak about the points that I have written down. I do not know how much time I will have. [One of the participants asks the Supreme Leader to continue his speech even after the iftar meal and His Eminence responds, “Speaking after iftar will be very difficult.”]

The first point that I have written down in the beginning of my statements is benefiting from the opportunity of the month of Ramadan by making the most of your youth. My dear ones, the month of Ramadan is a very good opportunity for cleansing one’s heart and soul and for strengthening one’s relationship with God. And you need to strengthen this relationship- all of us do. The month of Ramadan is a very good opportunity to that end. Getting close to the Quran, to daily prayers, to various duas and to the fasting obligation are the blessings of God for you. These are the ingredients of this divine feast which has been refereed to as “the divine banquet” in narrations.

The fasting obligation is one of the divine benefits that Allah the Exalted bestows on you in this feast and banquet. Praying is another benefit. The same is true of daily prayers. And this will empower and influence you – you, who are young – tens of times more than it will influence us who are at an advanced age and at the end of the line. This is how it is. You should appreciate its value.

The opportunity of being young which is available to you is non-renewable. You should grasp this opportunity to turn your relationship with God, with daily prayers and with the Quran into a habit: a good and decent habit. Then, this habit will be with you until the end of your lives. If you do not do so, it will be either impossible at an old age or it will be difficult for some individuals. It will be possible, but it will be difficult. However, if you do this now, this will accompany you like a permanent inner characteristic and it will be a provision for your youth. Therefore, you should appreciate the value of these fasting commitments, these acts of worship and these daily prayers. You should strengthen your relationship with God and you should continue it even after the month of Ramadan, God willing. This is our first word of advice.

According to the reports that I have received, in the past one, two years, student associations and groups have carried out good tasks on different issues – including on domestic and international issues.  For example, regarding privatization, one of our brothers said that students have entered this arena. Students got involved with the issue of the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Company and the Tabriz Machinery Manufacturing Company and they really solved a problem. Despite the fact that they neither have money nor legal power, their presence can accomplish a great task and resolve a big problem.

Another area where they can exert influence is their support for laborers or their demands from different organizations. These demands have been influential. If student groups make certain demands from the judiciary and legislative branches and the Expediency Council, this will be influential, as has already been influential. This is what you have already done and it is very good. These moves have been made in the past one, two years and we can see these activities in student groups.

Other examples are participation in the area of international and regional matters, on the issue of Yemen, on the issue of the recent incident in New Zealand and on the issue of Nigeria – where students showed their presence, and in various other areas. It is good to announce one’s presence.

Sometimes, it is good to organize a gathering in front of such and such an embassy. Of course, this should be done in a tranquil, careful and reasonable way and by showing one’s rational and spiritual power. It is not the case that climbing the walls of an embassy is always good. In certain cases, it is good like on the issue of capturing the Den of Espionage [audience laughs]. That was good, but it is not always like that. But your presence, your demands, your reasonable ideas, your display of power and your gatherings will be influential. You may not see the impact immediately, but you should know that such moves have been influential. So, your participation is one of the areas that I stress and approve of and that I wish to continue.

According to the report that I have received, the issue or the movement of book reading has not been very popular among student groups. This is something that I have always advised. I would like to repeat: you need to read and to know. If there is time, God willing, I will speak about this again. You should launch book-reading movements. You should read books and study. In my previous meetings with students, I frequently spoke about the books of Shahid Motahhari, but I do not want to say that you should merely read his books. You yourselves, your intellectual committees and your seniors should make a list of studies. You should develop, design and define a curriculum for different places and different groups of students and you should do tasks like this. This is a very necessary course of action.

Well, I had some issues in my mind to discuss. I have written them down under the section related to the Second Phase of the Revolution Statement. I do not want to speak about the Statement, but I wish to discuss these points with you now that the statement has been brought up.

Notice that the Second Phase of the Revolution Statement was a general portrayal of the Revolution’s past, present and future. Well, forty years have passed from the Revolution. That Statement was a general portrayal and we did not enter into details. The Statement was a general portrayal of the main issues of the Revolution. Four main points were stressed in that Statement:

The first point is the greatness of the phenomenon of the Revolution. Many people do not pay attention to this. I wanted to draw attention to this point. I wanted to call attention to the phenomenon of the Revolution. Both the emergence of the Revolution in this specific geographical area and at this important historic juncture and after that, the survival of the Revolution are important. Therefore, this is one point: the greatness of the Revolution both in terms of its occurrence and in terms of its survival.

The second point is the greatness of the path trodden and the performance of the Revolution until today. This is in stark contrast with those who insist that the Revolution has not had a positive performance. In that Statement, I briefly stated that this is not the case and that the Revolution has had a completely outstanding and brilliant performance in various areas including in political, social and scientific areas and in the area of justice and freedom. The Revolution has had an outstanding performance in the area of all important human, national and international demands. So, the second point is the greatness of the performance of the Revolution.

The third point specified in the Statement is the greatness of the outlook that we wish to reach. This is about where we want to go, what we want to do and where our goal lies.

And the fourth point is the greatness of the role that young committed forces play: not every youth, rather those youth who have a sense of commitment and responsibility. The greatness of the role that this group of people play means what part committed youth play on the path that we have ahead of us and in reaching that specific outlook.

These were the four points that we wanted to stress in that Statement. Of course, as I said, they were discussed briefly. Many things cannot be explained in a statement. One should write one, two books in this regard. However, there is room for explaining, examining and deliberating on these ideas.

Well, we need a public movement to reach that outlook. A public movement should be launched in the country. Of course, the movement already exists, but it should have more discipline, it should get accelerated and its movement towards that outlook should be tangible. This movement naturally pivots around committed youth. It is committed youth who are the pivot of this movement.

When I say “youth”, I do not necessarily mean 22, 25-year-old youth. Of course, 22, 25-year-old youth can accomplish many things. What our dear sister said is really true. She said that those in their twenties should be compared with those in their sixties. And all of you clapped for her. So, twenty, twenty-five-year olds are also included, but when I speak about youth, I do not only mean youth in their twenties. No, thirty, thirty-five, and forty-year old individuals are also young. They too can play their part in this arena. They can work as well. If these individuals are committed, they can bring about a deep transformation in the managerial system of the country.

Now a question might be posed here which is about the process of the entrance of youth into this public movement. You are committed youth and you want to be present in this public movement. How is your presence supposed to take place? This is what I have written down to discuss with you. I wish to explain this.

Please pay careful attention. If a reasonable, disciplined – by “disciplined” I mean that the movement should not be chaotic, tumultuous and the like: sometimes public movements are accompanied by commotion, uproar and the like, such movements are of no value – correct, orderly and logical movement is supposed to be launched, it needs a few things:

First of all, it needs knowledge about the scene. In other words, those who launch this movement or are its pivot or at least propel it forward should have a correct understanding about the scene. They should know the elements involved on the scene. Today, you want to launch a movement in your country and in the Islamic Republic. Therefore, you must know in what condition the Islamic Republic is today, who it is faced with, whom it confronts, what its opportunities are, what threats it faces and who its enemies and friends are. This should be known and understood.

Another element necessary for this movement is that it should have a specific direction: a reasonable and acceptable one. In the public movement of the Iranian nation which has been proposed and put forward by us, this direction is a movement towards the creation of an Islamic society and an Islamic civilization. We want to move towards the formation of an Islamic society. This public movement should help us reach that point and ultimately, it should help us create an advanced Islamic civilization. This was the second element.

The third element that the movement needs is that there should be a hope-generating parameter and a bright spot. In every movement, if this bright and hope-generating spot does not exist, it will not move forward. Fortunately, this is completely accessible in our country, in our society and for our people. That bright spot is the national capacities that we have identified. Today, even you youth have identified your national capacities. The Iranian nation has shown that it is perfectly capable of accomplishing great feats. The Iranian nation launched the Revolution and launched the formation of the Islamic Republic. These courses of action are like a miracle. The formation of the Islamic Republic in that day’s bipolar world of capitalism and communism was like a miracle. It is really like the miracle of passing through the sea which happened to Bani Israel or the cane of Moses. It is like a miracle.

Well, the Iranian nation accomplished this. This is a very important capacity. And later on, they managed to maintain it. Others too carried out such tasks a few years ago, as you witnessed. Some North African and other such countries adopted such courses of action [referring to revolutionary attempts in African and Arab countries known as Arabian Springs], but they could not hold onto them. However, the Iranian nation managed to do so. The Iranian nation managed to stand up to great superpowers and force them into retreat. So, this in itself is a hope-generating spot. We have this hope-generating spot. Of course, there are many sources of hope, one of which is this.

Another hope-generating spot is that the opposite front to us is worn down. I say without any doubt – of course as soon as I say this, some people embark on justifying, interpreting, denying and the like, but I say this with certainty and I can prove it, but there is not enough time now – that today western civilization is declining. It is really declining: “Or he that lays his foundation on an undermined sand-cliff ready to crumble to pieces? And it does crumble to pieces with him, into the fire of hell” [The Holy Quran, 9: 109].

It is at the edge of the abyss. It is like that. Of course, social incidents and developments occur gradually and they are not felt at once. Even western thinkers have felt and acknowledged this. This is another hope-generating spot for us.

The western materialistic civilization is opposed to us and it is being worn down. This is another hope-generating spot. And after that there is God’s inviolable promise: “If you help the cause of Allah, He will help you” [The Holy Quran, 47: 7] and “And whose word can be truer than Allah’s?” [The Holy Quran, 4: 122]. Who is more truthful than God? Whose promise is more genuine than that of God? God says, “If you help the cause of Allah, He will help you.” If you help God – that is if you move towards an Islamic civilization and society and towards implementing God’s religion – He will help you. This is another hope-generating spot. Therefore, the third element – the existence of hope – is there as well.

The fourth element is that at every point in time, there is a need for some practical procedures. At every point in time, certain practical procedures are needed. Well, this is our point of discussion. What you are asking – the young generation might have this question which is a hidden question – is what the practical procedures are for you to enter the arena as youth. Well, in order to clarify the four elements that we mentioned – all of which are needed for a public movement – we need active minds and eloquent tongues. However, the last element – practical procedures – requires guidance, concentration, follow-up and continuous and consecutive diligence so that it can help the great caravan of society and more importantly, all the youth of society move forward.

Whose job is this? Whose responsibility is it to bring about this concentration, to formulate this plan and to find and present these procedures? This falls on medium-level links. This does not fall on the Leadership, the administration nor other organizations. This falls on groups from among the people themselves.

Fortunately, today, we are not short of these groups. We have outstanding intellectuals in various areas which are needed among our youth and our officials. They can engage in planning and guiding. Student associations are an example of these groups. Experienced and active groups in cultural, intellectual and other such areas are another example. Whoever is more active in these areas will be more influential. Affairs will be in the hands of those who are active. Laziness, apathy, dispiritedness and the like will be of no use.

I have written down examples of the tasks and duties that can help the young generation in their pivotal role in the public movement of society, and that give them the necessary capacities. I have written down some examples. One is the formation of cultural committees. Establishing cultural committees throughout the country and in mosques – as it happens, this was touched on by one of the friends in the meeting – is an example of these tasks.

When I spoke about “fire at will”, it is related to these groups: to active groups in cultural areas which can exert deep influence. This has been the case from the beginning of the Revolution and in the present time, it is no different. In the present time, whenever you find a group of young individuals – disciplined and intelligent youth with active minds – which engage in cultural work, for example at a mosque and at a mourning hey’at, as the friends in the meeting mentioned, you know that they can influence other youth, the neighborhood where they are working, their relatives and other student groups. They can bring about a movement, engender determination and create a worldview in a group of people.

Another task would be to form groups working on political activities. Of course, I do not mean partisan work. Doing partisan work is something that I do not find beneficial, but political work is not confined to partisan activities. Making political analyses, understanding political events and conveying them to others is a fundamental task that facilitates, shapes and helps the general movement of society. This is one of the tasks.

Holding round-table discussions and free debates in universities is another activity. I have frequently stressed and advised this. Well, there has not been much progress in this area. Who should do so? If you are waiting for the head of the faculty or the cultural deputy and other such officials to do it, it will be of no avail. It is you who should do it. You should hold free debates in universities. However, as I said all these moves should be made in a disciplined way. These tasks should be carried out in a disciplined and well-informed manner and by conducting detailed studies with the help of individuals who have active minds and eloquent tongues. These measures will definitely be helpful and influential.

In the present time, those students who are members of student groups do not make a high percentage of the overall students of the country. If you adopt these measures, this percentage will definitely go up. Well, a student who is not committed and who is busy doing irrelevant things will not exert a positive – if not a negative – impact on the progress of the country. You can exert influence with this procedure. This is another chapter. One of the solutions and procedures is this.

Another procedure is to form movement-based groups working on international issues. As I mentioned, a number of groups have proceeded with these measures. For example, they invited active students from Resistance countries to Tehran and other cities. They gathered together and held good meetings. We received the news in this regard. Such courses of action can be adopted. This means being active with the issues of the world of Islam. Certain groups should be formed and pursue these tasks: the issues of Gaza, the issues of Palestine, the issue of Yemen, the issue of Bahrain, the issues related to the Muslims of Myanmar and the issues related to European Muslims.

One of our points of debate in active student environments is related to European Muslims, which requires a long discussion. Another area of study is the issues arisen in some countries such as the events in Paris. These events can be examined, studied and activated. In other words, certain student groups can work on such incidents and on regional incidents. This is another procedure.

Another procedure is to form scientific groups and to cooperate with scientific centers. Another procedure is to cooperate with knowledge-based companies and to engage in economic work. Another very important procedure is doing work related to public service such as the jihadi groups which go to various areas. This is one of the best pieces of student work. The more these tasks develop and the stronger and more purposeful they become, the better it will be. They will strengthen the body and the soul and lead to the creation of that public movement.

Engagement in popular information activities: many tasks cannot be accomplished by our intelligence organizations and or they remain idle for different reasons. And we receive a lot of information in this regard through vigilant and well-informed elements and this has been helpful. They have sometimes given information to me. This has been effective as they have pursued it and consequently, positive courses of action have been adopted. For example, they give information on abuse of responsibility as related to smuggling and various imports, examples of which were mentioned by the friends in the meeting – for example, instances related to dog food and the like. Certain groups can be active in this respect.

Another procedure is doing social work. In the list that I presented, seven, eight, ten, twelve procedures have been enumerated. However, one can find 50 procedures like this. An example of social activities is the tasks that I mentioned regarding Haft Tappeh. Students did a good job in this area. They are done by groups whose work may not be related to one another, but they should be guided. There should be planning on this. All these courses of action should be planned by youth.

Of course, all these measures should be adopted by getting inspiration from the general direction that I spoke about: creating an Islamic society and an Islamic civilization. In all these tasks, planners and decision-making centers – as I said, they should be undertaken by medium-level links – should pay attention to the general direction.

What will be the result of all these procedures? I have written down in my notes that the result will be drawing the committed young generation to the management arena of the country. One of the friends in the meeting was complaining that they do not let youth enter the arena of management. Well, how should they enter the arena of management? Entrance into this arena for the young generation takes place with these ways.

Naturally, if the young generation enters the arena of management and if the high-ranking managers of the system are from among committed youth – as I said, they should be committed hezbollahi youth: they should really be hezbollahi in the true sense of the word – then the public movement of the country will naturally thrive and it will be accelerated and realized. So, in my opinion the question ‘how are youth are supposed to enter the arena of such public movement’ has clear answers some of which I explained.

Of course, these activities should not harm the academic work of young students. They do not contradict each other. When you say, “the long-term policy of the system is scientific progress and breaking the current borders of science and moving forward”, this is correct. We should undoubtedly conquer the peaks of science. However, these tasks should not be a barrier in the way of this. They are not contradictory. You can both engage in these activities and make scientific endeavors. You can be outstanding students and achieve high ranks at different fields and at the same time, you can participate in jihadi groups, in student committees, in public service associations and in journalistic work.

One of the friends in the meeting said something about periodicals and publications. I believe that those who write and work in student publications should form groups for continuing their work after their graduation. What he mentioned is correct. Those who write in different publications were students one day, but not all those who dabbed at this while they were students entered the arena of writing in publications and in the press and the like. In my opinion, they can work on this as well. I have written down: creating a network of active student-writers in student periodicals for continuing activities in the area of publication.

I would like to raise two additional points about students. What I expect young students and you dear youth – whom I really like – to do is that you should assume a pioneering and voluntary role. You should not wait for others to push you forward, in particular those youth who are members of student associations. You should make voluntary moves. Each one of the youth who have intellectual dispositions – there are some youth who take a leading role in intellectual areas and there are some who take a leading role in executive areas – and who have capabilities in different areas should be self-sufficient and autonomous, just like revolutionary activities pursued by revolutionary fighters during the time of taghut.

Well, if you believe it we too were once your age [Supreme Leader and audience laugh]. We were once at the same stage. As it happens, that era coincided with revolutionary activities. In those days, we really moved in a voluntary way. I do not want to speak about myself, but this is really the case. In those days – in those years of fighting – we did not have anyone to guide us. There was no party, no organization and no crowd. Our magnanimous Imam was there, of course, but he was in Najaf or in Turkey. Sometimes, we would receive a message and an announcement from him and this would re-circulate the blood in our veins and would guide us. Well, there were many obstacles. We were subject to beatings and to prison and sometimes, there were monetary hurdles, accompanied by hunger and other such problems, but we would move forward nonetheless.

Youth should move like this today, just like the revolutionary activities of fighters during the time of taghut. If these measures are adopted and these lists are acted on, the plots of the enemies will be foiled. Everyone is speaking about the soft plots of the enemies, the most important of which is crippling the young generation. One of the most important plots hatched against our country and our revolution today is crippling the young generation and busying it with various forms of lust and different diversions such as computer games and other things including making them addicted to drugs and the like. This is done with the purpose of crippling the young generation.

However, with the method that I explained, this plot will be foiled. The plot of disappointing the young generation will be foiled with these moves which generate liveliness and hope. Therefore, if you youth move forward with these moves, God willing, and if you prepare the ground for the establishment of a young and hezbollahi administration, I believe that many of your concerns, worries and anxieties will come to an end. Of course, these anxieties are not particular to you only.

The last point which is very important is that you might witness certain things which displease you. For example, the political orientation of such and such a personality or the flaws of such and such an official in a certain branch might be displeasing to you. Even if you are witness to a hundred of such cases, you should not get disappointed. This is my definite and main word of advice. You should not be disappointed!

Everything is promising for us. Everything is a source of hope for us. As I mentioned, we are a nation that find ourselves in a position where promising elements surrounding us are much more than disappointing and discouraging elements. You should see and find these promising elements and you should be encouraged by them. You should rely on Allah the Exalted and you should purify your intentions.

And you should know that Allah the Exalted will help you. By Allah’s favor, all of you will see the termination of the enemies of humanity – in other words, the current decadent American civilization – and the termination of Israel.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings



New video message from Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i: “Muslim Countries That Compromised With the U.S. and Zionists Trampled Upon Palestinians’ Blood”



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