New release from Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i: “Everyone Should Prepare Against the Battle Formations Taken By the Enemy”

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure, immaculate and chosen household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth

You are very welcome dear brothers, dear sisters and you honorable and esteemed group of people. I would like to congratulate all you dear participants – the honorable officials of the educational system, the dear teachers, the dear personnel and the esteemed Minister of Education – and all teachers throughout the country on Teachers’ Day and Week.

In my opinion, this meeting is significant in a number of ways: one is that it is about our most important civilizational matter which is education. Another reason is that Teachers’ Day is basically marked with the name of martyrs and martyrdom. And there are different other reasons which I will draw on during my speech. Our dear martyr, the late Mr. Motahhari (may God bestow paradise on him) was a sympathetic teacher in the true sense of the word. He would think well, speak well and pursue matters well. He did not speak just for the sake of fulfilling a duty. We used to see him up close, how sympathetically he would try to instill deep Islamic thoughts in the minds of the youths of those days – despite all the restrictions that existed. And he was martyred for that. This is the important point. That martyrdom was the definitive signature of Allah the Exalted on the report card of that dear martyr.

Well, teachers are really an honorable and esteemed group of people. The reason is that human resources are the most important resource of every country, every civilization and every nation. If you have money without good and efficient human resources, you will get nowhere, like many of these rich countries that you see around you. Notice how they spend their money and what kind of people have access to it. Their big and money-filled pockets are shamelessly made available to treacherous hands against humanity. How has this happened? This is because they have money, but they do not have manpower. They have money, but they do not have thinkers and human resources. Their human resources are poor. If we have many underground resources without human resources and this will be of no avail.

Our country used to sleep on a sea of oil, but we did not know of it, nor did we know how to use it. What was the result? The result was that those who knew about it and who knew how to utilize it dominated our oil resources. They used to take away our oil to build their own civilization, set up their own factories and benefit from it to ensure their victory in the war that had broken out in those days. And they used to give us very little out of that source. This was how things were during the time of taghut. This is the result of not investing in human resources.

Well, you are producing these human resources in the present time. Notice how significant your work is. You are cultivating and preparing human resources. I am not interested in complimenting others for no good reason. What I have been saying, in the course of the past years, about the role of teachers and students or the role of teachers and the educational system originates from this sentiment. It originates from the belief that teachers have such a role. In fact, you are the founders of the new civilization. This is because without efficient manpower, there will be no civilization. You are warriors in a battle against ignorance and illiteracy. Notice that you bring children and teenagers from the land of illiteracy and darkness to the land of light and knowledge and you do so by fighting. This is a difficult job.

You are actually creating cultural identity. Creating identity is very important. It is very important to create identity in a society. Humans should have a sense of identity. Our identity lies in our culture, our knowledge and our lifestyle. Civilization depends on culture. If there is a lack of strong and rich culture, there will be no civilization in the common and ordinary sense of the word. What is culture? It means all the elements which constitute one’s thinking and action. This is what culture is. Where does it come from? Culture depends on thinking, on intellect and on a worldview: in other words, the way we interpret the world, the universe, existence and the like. This is the main basis of culture and the main basis of civilization.

My dear ones, pay attention: in particular, the dear and honorable officials who are present should pay careful attention. This is where the significance of the 2030 Education Agenda becomes clear. The main gist and kernel of the 2030 Education Agenda, which has an important chapter about education, is that the educational system should teach the lifestyle and the philosophy of life to children on the basis of western principles. This is the gist of the 2030 Education Agenda. What does this signify? It signifies that you pious people, you who are interested in your country and your future – should build soldiers for the west in your classroom [In response to the slogans that the audience chants, the Supreme Leader says, “This is the place to listen, not to chant slogans, please pay attention]!

When they place so much emphasis on the Education Agenda and when they explicitly and implicitly try to impose it on other countries – including our country – this is what it means. The instructions, recommendations and main points of this agenda specify that the educational system should shape students’ thought system in a way that their philosophy and concept of life will be molded according to the western philosophy. As I mentioned, they want you to build soldiers for England, France, the US and the rest of those tie-wearing, perfumed, shallow savages. They are the same people who kill others and who assist assassins without a frown on their faces.

When they ask them why they help the Saudis, they answer, “We help them because we need their money.” They know what the Saudis are doing in Yemen, but they are helping them anyway! They want to sit and watch us in Iran and in Asian countries – West Asian, Islamic and other such countries – build soldiers, advocates and subjects for them. This is what the 2030 Education Agenda is all about.

A point which should definitely receive attention is that the society of teachers – teachers and cultural employees – have accomplished great feats in the past 40 years of the Revolution. They have carried out fruitful tasks. You should pay careful attention. There are some individuals who wish to portray the educational system as invaluable for different political reasons. This is unfair and it is untrue. Of course, I am aware of the existing shortcomings in the educational system. I am aware of the gap between the current educational system and the ideal one, but I am also aware of the gap between the current educational system and the despicable one that existed before the Revolution.

In the time of the Revolution – during the past 40 years – the educational system has accomplished great feats. The various scientists who helped your country to be among the first five countries in the world in the area of nanotechnology were cultivated in the educational system. The third and fourth generations of the Revolution who have neither seen Imam, our well-known martyrs nor the eight-year Defense Era stand firm and powerful in the face of the enemy in the present time. They insist on defending the holy shrines of the Imams and they manage to do so. One is martyred, but ten of them return safe. The motivation to do jihad is not a minor achievement. Who has educated them? The educational system. And it has done so in such a world. That you build youth like this in the world of the internet, in the world of different moral perversions and in the world of satellite, this is a magnificent accomplishment!

Who has organized these jihadi camps? What kind of individuals participate in them? It is youth who participate in them. It is the educational system which has educated them. So many scientific breakthroughs have been made in the country and there are so many symbols and signs of true piety in society. I have said many times that today’s youth live with the Holy Quran, with Dua Nudbah, with the month of Ramadan, with tears, supplication and reliance on God and by marching on foot to Karbala and the like.

Before the Revolution, when did these ideas exist? We have so many student martyrs. We have several thousand student martyrs. We have a large number of martyred teachers. Who educated those martyred students? It was teachers who did so. It was our educational system that did so. You should not underestimate the post-revolutionary educational system. It has done a lot in different eras.

Of course, shortcomings exist. As I mentioned, there are many shortcomings and flaws. We are working hard and by Allah’s favor and grace, we will eliminate these shortcomings and flaws. We will reach the ideal point regarding the educational system, God willing. The nation will reach that point. When I say that “we” will do so, I do not mean this humble person and other such individuals because we are no ones. When I say, “we”, I mean that this nation, this group of people and this system will help the educational system reach the desired level.

Notice that this is the ideal point that we want to reach: the educational system should cultivate individuals who are wise, capable, intellectual, pious, religious, moral, efficient, creative, courageous and active. They should not be afraid of the enemy and of threats and they should not be stagnant and negligent. You should educate such individuals. If this happens, then our country will reach the point that I mentioned and promised. And by Allah’s favor, it will reach that point. In a few decades – on that day, I said that in 50 years – we will have reached a point where everyone who wishes to have access to new scientific borders will have to learn Farsi. Cultivating such individuals and such youth is the main pillar for the future respectable Iran. This is the main pillar for the new Islamic civilization.

Now, I would like to offer some recommendations. The first recommendation is about the transformation plan on which the honorable Minister [of Education] delivered a report. I received a written report on this matter as well. My dear ones, the transformation plan is like building a railway. The transformation plan can help the educational system reach the desired destination. We should do something to make this happen. Well, they said that they have issued a formal notice to organizations in charge. This is true, but issuing a notice is not enough. This is merely the first step.

We must do something to implement this plan. Last year, I said that you should do something to make the body of the educational system read, understand and digest this plan so much so that they realize what you want to do in the educational system. The plan is a very good one, but it requires follow-up and work. The first thing that is necessary – it is actually the main need for this movement – is having a revolutionary spirit.

God will not forgive those individuals who try to weaken the revolutionary spirit in our people and our youth with their pens and with their words! The Revolution was achieved thanks to the lives that were laid down on this path. It was the Revolution that managed to liberate the country from the scourge of a government that had seized power in our country with the support of foreigners and that was working for them.

My dear ones, the Pahlavi regime, which was overthrown by the Revolution, had two kings: Reza and Mohammad Reza. Reza was brought to power by the English and Mohammad Reza seized power with the help of the English and the Americans. How is the relationship between a government that comes to power with the help of foreign hands and its people and how is the relationship between this government and those foreigners? Reza Pahlavi – Reza Khan – was brought to power by the English. Later on, when the war broke out, because of the trouble that Hitler used to stir and because his nature and temper was like that of Hitler, he leaned towards the Germans and he was inclined towards them. He wanted German architects and engineers to enter the country.

These things made the English angry. They themselves had brought him to power and they themselves said to him that he should leave- and he did so. Well, there is no greater humiliation for a country and a nation to have someone at the top who is brought to power by the English and who has to leave when they grow tired of him and he has to obey!

Very well, the English sent a message saying that you should leave. If you are a real man, if you are a true human being and if you there is a tinge of pride in you, you would disobey! Let them kill you, but he did not do so! Instead, he went to visit Mohammad Ali Forughi – who was the agent of the English and who acted as a go-between – at his house, saying to him that he was ready to leave. They provided him with a car, driving him to Isfahan. And then he travelled to the sea through different routes and they made him board the ship and took him away. Is there a greater humiliation than this for a nation?

The Revolution came and overthrew this regime. The Revolution emerged and pulled the country out of the hands of these mean, small and oppressive individuals. The revolutionary spirit is the life and soul of this nation. Will a pen that weakens this spirit in the people and that makes them doubt it be forgiven by God?

In order to transform the educational system, there is a need for revolutionary spirit. “Revolutionary spirit” means not being fearful, not having certain considerations and not being conservative. When you make a decision, you should take action and move forward. You should not be satisfied with stagnancy and you should not do things in an ostentatious manner. Sometimes, you do something, but it is a mere formality and it is carried out in a showy way. This is poisonous! This should not be the case. You should do tasks in a serious manner. These courses of action help implement transformation and they make it possible. Of course, when I say that you should not be stagnant, that you should move forward and take action, this does not mean that you should not listen to criticism if it is legitimate. This should not be the case because this is a revolutionary move. You should appreciate and listen to well-informed criticism. You should receive critics warmly. This is the first point.

The second point is that the research and educational planning organization is the heart of the educational system. You should appreciate the value of this heart and you should attach great significance to it. Educational planning is a very important matter. The educational texts and materials that are produced in this center and organization should be compatible with the regulations of the transformation plan. This is a necessary task. Of course, I have heard that they are working on it. I have received a report showing that they are carrying this out, but it should be done at a faster pace and in a more serious way.

According to the report that I have received, they have set a 12-year timetable in order to do this, no? Twelve years is not acceptable! Should the compatibility of educational materials with the transformation plan occur after 12 years? No, it should not be like this. The present time is an era in which hours play an important part in the progress of societies. It is about hours, not about 12 years. You should set a timetable, but it should be short. You should increase your endeavors and seriousness.

These educational materials should cultivate youth in the same way that I explained. One of the points that should definitely receive attention in the preparation of these materials is that revolutionary messages and teachings should be included in them. Revolutionary teachings should not only be seen in the ethics textbook and the like or in the literature textbook and other such textbooks. Revolutionary teachings, concepts and lessons can be included in all books and texts.

I have said many times that a math or physics teacher might sometimes utter one word in the classroom which might exert more influence than one hour of speech by this humble person. This is how it is. Revolutionary teachings should be inserted. This is another matter. Therefore, you should take a serious approach towards the research and educational planning organization and you should attach great significance to it. You should fill that organization with knowledgeable, well-informed, intellectual, pious and revolutionary personalities.

Another issue is about Farhangian University [teacher education university] and the University of Shahid Rajai. Mr. Minister pointed this out. I too am aware that there has been progress in terms of quantity and it should be so. Quantity is not enough yet. The educational system is still suffering from a vast wave of retirement which should be made up for. Both quantity and quality should be improved. Everything that is done at Farhangian University and the University of Shahid Rajai should be in line with the religious and revolutionary cultivation of teachers.

You should do something to help schools and classrooms benefit from teachers who teach religion, piety, morality and revolutionary values in the true sense of the word. You should not give in to this and that person’s pressures either. I have heard that sometimes different centers of power exert pressure. You should not submit to these pressures and you should observe the law. You should move on the basis of the law.

Another issue in this regard is about exceptional talents schools which is a very important matter. It is very important to build outstanding personalities. Exceptional talents schools should not be undermined. You should strengthen them as much as you can. The country’s position in international competitions should be preserved. I have heard that we have been demoted in a number of fields. We have been demoted in mathematics, physics, computer sciences and chemistry. These things should be made up for. One of the sources of honor for the country is the children who participate in international competitions and who achieve a high rank. You should not allow their rank to go down.

Another issue and point is about vivacity and enthusiasm in the school environment. I have repeated this many times whether regarding university students, the youth of the country in general or school students. They should be in an energetic and enthusiastic environment. However, many people misunderstand this. When we speak about being energetic, they think that there should be an atmosphere of jumping up and down and dancing. Being energetic does not mean this. Being energetic means that youth should be lively so much so that they do not wither. This should be provided with sports and with instructive and attractive extracurricular plans. It should be provided with these things, not with things that have reportedly happened in some schools.

Of course, you should take care of these issues and you should pursue them. The educational system is directly in charge of these affairs. I have heard that some schools are not in good condition in this regard. They do certain things in the name of liveliness. Liveliness means doing something to help youth become fresh, enthusiastic, hopeful, motivated, ready to work and energetic so that they study their lessons.

Sometimes, pressures related to studying are against this liveliness. In some schools, they pressure teenagers and youth so much that they become exhausted. Let us hope that they do so with good intentions, but some people say that they do these tasks to enhance their reputation regarding the university entrance exam. They do not think of teenagers. They only think about the interests of their association so much so that they can say that they have had such and such number of admissions or such and such a number of candidates whose rank was below a hundred and other such intentions. They pressure youth and teenagers for the sake of their own name. In my opinion, you should think about these matters. All these are matters that require working, thinking and pursuing. This was another important point.

I just mentioned the issue of the entrance exam. You should think about the entrance exam. Of course, I do not want to express my personal viewpoint in this regard because I am not an expert in this matter, but educational experts should think about it. Now that our universities say, “we have empty seats” – every year, it is announced that university classrooms have empty seats – you should see if it is better to have the entrance exam or not or to continue it in the same way or not. You should think about it in a proper, deep and practical way and then you should follow it up with action so that you can resolve the matter.

Another very important issue is the issue of the deputy of moral education. In recent years, I have stressed the deputy of moral education many times. There used to be a tacit – and sometimes written – policy to eliminate this deputy. In recent years, this has thankfully not been the case and certain measures have been adopted. The deputy of moral education continues to exist, but I believe that what has been done so far is not enough. The deputy of moral education has certain shortcomings in the area of its bureaucratic structure, motivated and revolutionary personnel and financial resources. Mr. Bathayi, the honorable Minister of Education, should pursue the matter so that the deputy of moral education can fulfil its potential throughout the whole educational system in the true sense of the word.

I would like to raise two additional points and after that, I will discuss a general matter. The first point is about teachers’ livelihood problems which was touched on by the honorable Minister. Teachers are respectable, honorable and well-credited individuals. Therefore, their dignity should be preserved. We should adopt such an approach towards the financial income of teachers that their dignity will not be jeopardized. Some individuals who work on different partisan and political matters and who possibly have connections with foreigners are trying to take advantage of this weak point for the sake of their own goals. This is one issue, but even excluding this matter, you should act in a way that teacher’s dignity be safeguarded.

The second point is about flood-stricken students. You should not allow them to fall behind in terms of education. Regarding the renovation and building schools, certain promises have been made, God willing, which should be pursued in a serious way, but in the natural course of events. School-building benefactors, who form a good orientation in the country to be fair, should help carry this out. Many schools have been destroyed. Building and renovating them requires great endeavor and large sums of money. This should be fulfilled with the help of the administration, the people and benefactors. As long as this has not been done, those flood-stricken students who stay in temporary places and camps or wherever they are, should not fall behind their educational schedule. The issue of education is very important.

As for the general issue which I wanted to discuss, thankfully there are many organizations in charge of scientific, educational and research affairs. Today, we have many organizations in charge of research and scientific affairs. They should be proud of managing to foil the false temptation to create a confrontation between science and religion. Materialistic powers in the world have been working on this for two, three centuries in order to prove that science and religion do not get along. Today, the flag of religion in the Islamic Republic is taller than all other countries. In terms of science too, the country is one of the leading countries in the world. Not only have secular countries, countries obedient to the US and countries whose policies follow western and American policies fallen behind in terms of religion, but they have also fallen behind in terms of science!

I have heard that an Arab journalist has said, addressing his own rulers, “The difference between Iran and you is that Iran builds reactors while you build bars. They enrich uranium while you distribute wine and promote western forms of perversion and corruption in your society.” This is our country’s great source of honor and pride.

Today, thousands of researchers and thinkers – whether in universities or in other centers – are busy teaching and working. I am saying this based on reliable information. Most of them are young, pious and very religious with a religious and Islamic identity, and with an identity demonstrating a glorious Iran. They are working with motivation in different areas. They innovate, educate, do research and produce science. And they produce technology on the basis of that science. Of course, because we used to suffer from grave backwardness, the movement that has been launched in the country today should continue for many years. It is a very good and intense movement, but it should continue for years to come so that the results will be completely seen. This is one issue.

Another issue is about acquiring expertise which I had insisted on before. This means implementing scientific findings and passing this to school and university students. Of course, the main center for this task is the educational system. This should start from high schools. It should start from schools. If the spirit of acquiring expertise is kindled in youth – that is to say, if they learn how to implement scientific findings – then the fruits of it will be many in the future.

The last issue that I want to discuss with you dear ones is that you should notice that our enemy is busy attacking from all sides today. You can already see his attack in the area of the economy. In terms of intelligence too, they are busy hatching a plot to infiltrate in the area of intelligence. In the area of cyber space too, they are planning on striking the country. Anyway, it is the enemy. The enemy primarily means the US and Zionism.

The enemy is not particular to the current US administration. The previous ones had the same approach, but in different ways. The help that the person currently in power in the US has given us – for which we should be grateful – is that he has displayed the naked truth about the US. As I had mentioned before, the previous ones used to wear velvet gloves over their iron fists.  Many people did not see this, but they were wrong.  But these idiots are taking off their gloves and showing their iron fists to everyone.

They are making an explicit move. The enemy is entering the arena from all sides. The officials of the country, all capable personalities and the masses of the people should do whatever they can in the face of this enemy. They should prepare themselves in every area and field that they can and they should be present in the arena. They should have a sense of responsibility.

The enemy is in battle formation. He is in battle formation in the area of the economy. He is in battle formation in the area of politics. In the area of the military, he is apparently not in battle formation, but our military is focused in any case. As I mentioned, he is taking on a battle formation in the area of cyber space. In the face of this enemy who has taken a battle formation against the people of Iran, the people should take on a proper formation. They should prepare themselves in all areas.

One of the most fundamental tasks is preserving unity and solidarity. The masses of the people should take care not to stand up against each other because of small differences of opinion and disagreements. They should know that the power of this nation lies in unity: the unity of the masses of the people, the unity of various social groups, the unity of the different tribes who live in the country and the unity of the officials of the country with the people and the unity of the people with the officials of the country.

This is what empowers the country, as it has empowered it until today. Thankfully, this power exists and it should be preserved. And they should know that by Allah’s favor, the plots that the enemy is hatching and all the schemes that he is devising against the Iranian nation, will end up to his own disadvantage despite the vast propaganda campaigns that they have launched in order to disturb minds and to distort the realities.

By Allah’s favor, you dear youth will see the defeat of America. By Allah’s favor, you will witness that the Zionist regime will be brought to its knees. By Allah’s favor, you will be witness to the greatness and ultimate dignity of the Iranian nation.

God’s mercy be on our magnanimous Imam. God’s mercy be upon our dear martyrs. God’s mercy be upon all the mujahids on the path of the truth.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings



New issue of Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i’s magazine: “Khat Hizb Allah #182″

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New release from Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i: “The Dawns Of the Month of Ramadan Should Not Be Missed”

Dear friends, the month of Ramadan is a very good opportunity. It is a very good opportunity. It is an opportunity to do promotions [promoting Islamic values], to clarify, to get close to the people, to help the poor and above all, to worship God, to fast, to sit at the table of divine mercy and divine banquet. This well-known banquet is your act of fasting, engaging in Nafilah [prayers which are not obligatory] and saying daily prayers.

Of course, there are many acts and obligations in the month of Ramadan. Notice that in Iqbal – by Sayyid ibn Tawoos – so many acts, obligations and various prayers have been mentioned for every night. Some of us are really negligent in this regard as we are not aware of the significance of these acts – of course, I do not want to expand on this now. However, there are certain minimums and obligatory requirements which should be observed.

Everyone wakes up at the dawns of the month of Ramadan. The dawns should not be missed because it is a very good opportunity. I have said many times that if we do not benefit from the dawn, then we will have no time in this noisy and overwhelming world to have solitude in order to attend to ourselves, to our hearts and to our God. There will really be no time. We are really preoccupied. Out of these 24 hours [of the day], we spend some hours sleeping and when we are not sleeping, we have different tasks and preoccupations. Everyone has certain preoccupations and duties.

Nowadays, there is no free time, contrary to the past. Of course, this is not a shortcoming of the present time; rather, it is one of its characteristics. After all, there are various diversions and instruments today and life has become mechanical. Today, there are some phenomena which did not exist in the past. So, there are many preoccupations. We do not have any free time during the day.

Of course, there are some individuals who are close to God at all times and who engage in dhikr in a constant manner: when going to different places, when doing a transaction, when doing technical work and when working with the computer. “Those who remain steadfast to their prayer” [The Holy Quran, 70: 23]. Some people are always saying daily prayers. We cannot be like them and we are miles away from them, but there are some people like that in any case.

The only opportunity that we have is the dawn. If we miss the dawn, there will be no time left for us [at this point, a clergy says, “Hajj Agha (a title which is frequently used in reference to a religious personality), if you give iftar meal to your pupils, it will be very good, God willing.” And the Supreme Leader responds jokingly by reciting a poem from Sa’adi, “Where do we and you stand in this sea of reflection.”] I hope that God will preserve all of you, God willing.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy



New issue of Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i’s magazine: “Khat Hizb Allah #181”

For prior issues see: #180, #179#178#177#176#175#174#172#171#170#169#168#167#166#165#164#163, and #162.

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New release from Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i: “We Should Promote the Culture of Work, Production and Diligence “

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure, immaculate and chosen household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth

You are very welcome dear brothers and dear sisters. In my opinion, our annual meeting with laborers is an important meeting, even more so this year because this year is the year of boosting production and production is dependent on the existence of laborers, labor and their efforts. Fortunately, the present gathering spiritualized the environment by reciting these beautiful and spiritual poems. You imbued the environment with spirituality, with supplication before God and with the remembrance of the month of Sha’ban and the holy existence of the Holy Prophet. In my opinion, the meeting is enjoying a spiritual environment and this is important to us.

In the poem that you recited, you mentioned spring. In your poem, you spoke of spring. I will tell you that labor works like spring. Spring cultivates underground and natural resources and talents. In spring, trees bear fruits and provide shelter. In spring, nature is revived and it shows its inner talents. Labor is the same. Labor prepares the ground for the display of all inner and true talents. If there is science without any implementation, what is the use? If individuals benefit from creativeness and inner talents without using them, this talent will not be of any use to anyone. It is labor and work that helps human resources show their talents, capacities and existing realities. Well, this is the significance of labor.

One of the great responsibilities of Islamic society and of officials is to clarify the value of labor for public opinion. Labor should turn into a value, not a mere need. Of course, labor is needed: society, individuals and life need labor. There is a psychological and mental need for labor. Labor satisfies a psychological and mental need as well. However, it is not merely a need. Labor is a lofty value in society. We should turn this into a public understanding and fact. If this idea is clarified in the true sense of the word, then the value of laborers will increase as well. Laborers should be described as valuable in society. And it does not make a difference in which areas: laborers are valuable in all areas – including the areas that were mentioned in the meeting which are represented by you friends. Wherever labor, dynamism and production exist, it is appreciated.

Boosting production depends on certain requirements one of which is labor. This kind of labor should be extraordinary and jihadi so that production can be boosted. If production is boosted, it will provide one of the main basis of the economy of resistance. When the economy of resistance is achieved, this means that society will not be worried about what decisions such and such American and Zionist thug will make for our oil, our economy and other such areas. This is the reason why I stress the issue of boosting production and more importantly, boosting the economy of resistance and why others in the country stress Iranian products and labor dynamism. Our nation needs dignity and independence from foreigners. Every nation defines dignity as one of its most fundamental needs. Nations do not like being under the influence of those decision-makers who are not their friends and who are their enemies.

Today, many of these global decision-makers in the area of the economy are the enemies of the Iranian people. Of course, they say that they are only the enemies of the Islamic Republic, but they are actually the enemies of the Iranian people. This is because the Islamic Republic is thriving only with the help and assistance of the Iranian people. Without the assistance of the Iranian people, there would be no republic and no Islam.

The enemy has become disappointed with other methods. Thankfully, you are wise. Many of you are among individuals whose minds are productive, constructive, innovative and well-informed in different areas. You know that from the beginning of the Revolution until today, the enemy has been working on all those areas which can possibly draw the country towards chaos and disorder, including on the issue of labor and laborers: perhaps, it has even worked more on this area. However, in all these areas, the laborers of the country have slapped the enemy across the face, making him disappointed.

This is not something that is only occurring in the present time. It is 40 years now that this has been the case. The society of laborers has been one of the most loyal societies to the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic and it continues to be so. Therefore, the enemy has really worked hard on this matter. The officials of the country, decision-makers, policy-makers, politicians and executives should be very careful and they should appreciate the value of this.

The points that Mr. Minister raised are completely correct. However, they are addressed to the officials of the country themselves, not only to the Ministry of Labor, rather to different divisions and organizations. The issue of job security, respect for laborers and laborers’ wages are fundamental issues and they should attend to them. There are some people who are after taking personal advantage. I mentioned this in my speech on new year: Such people buy factories from the administration which are already working and thriving.  Now at what price they buy them- this is another issue. Then, they close them down, sell the machinery, dismiss laborers and turn the land into a skyscraper. They should be prevented from doing so! These are the basic responsibilities of the Islamic government!

By government, I do not only mean the administration: the executive branch, the judiciary branch and the legislative branch are all included. All of them should be involved. Supporting labor means this. Supporting laborers means this!

The issue of imports which they mentioned is another very important issue. There has been so much emphasis and many strict executive regulations have been imposed. Such regulations should be observed in practice. Fortunately, in the present time – I mean recently: of course, last year too, we used to receive such news – there are some people who look for domestic products. However, salespeople present their foreign counterparts, falsely saying that they are Iranian. They lie and sometimes, this happens.

Well, what is produced inside is better than foreign counterparts in terms of quality and they are also cheaper than the foreign ones. We should not let domestic producers face difficult problems with unnecessary imports and with some wrong policies. When they have serious problems, production will slacken, laborers will be unemployed and the country will remain dependent.

Well-intentioned personalities have said many times and I myself have stressed that sanctions are to the advantage of the country in many cases. They are to the advantage of the Iranian nation. This has been mentioned by well-intentioned, enthusiastic and well-informed personalities. Of course, sanctions create certain problems. Imposing sanctions on banking transactions, on oil and on other areas might create certain problems, but they are eventually to the advantage of the country. One of the officials of the country quoted a foreign politician – they had gathered together in a meeting – as saying, “During the time of sanctions, you have managed to build so many modern weapons. You have many capabilities. Despite the sanctions, you have accomplished these great feats. What would happen if the sanctions were not imposed?” and our official responded, “If they had not imposed sanctions on us, none of these tasks would have been carried out” [Supreme Leader and audience laugh]! He was right. Sanctions help us rely on ourselves so that we pursue production and satisfy our needs from the inside. They help us identify our capabilities.

I will tell you – as you are top-tier labors who have graduated at higher-education levels – that you should appreciate the possibility of production and innovation. Officials should appreciate this as well. Officials too should appreciate the value of this.

Well, the enemies are working in different ways against the Iranian nation, our great Revolution and our Islamic Republic which has let out the cry of justice throughout the world and which has attracted the attention of other nations. They want to bring it to its knees. They have worked in different ways, but they have failed. Now, they are working on economic matters, saying that they want to exert economic pressures to bring Iran to its knees. They should know that the Iranian nation will not kneel to them. The same is true of the recent move made by the US.

First of all, the efforts in the area of oil will come to no avail. We will be able to export our oil as much as we need and as much as we wish. They foolishly think that they are blocking our path, but if our active people and our vigilant and wise officials show determination, they will be able to break many dead ends. This is one of the dead ends which will definitely be broken by them. Therefore, their effort will not produce any result. This is one point.

Secondly, they are showing enmity, but they should know that their enmity will be reciprocated. They will receive the response to their enmity. The Iranian nation is not a nation that sits idle watching others plotting and working against it.

Thirdly, as I said, we appreciate our increasing independence from selling oil like this. This will be much better for us. The important point is that we should get familiar with our inner gems, knowing that the manpower and human resources in our country and our society are much more capable than what is being shown today.

Our youth can come up with many innovations. We have shown this in the course of the past years including in social, political and economic areas because the enemies have focused on our economic matters since the beginning of the Revolution. All these various achievements, these constructions and these numerous efforts have been made in response to the enemy’s move. The Iranian nation has many capabilities. We should promote the culture of work, production and diligence. This state of sitting idle and expecting wealth overnight should disappear. We should not promote this.

Different organizations, the IRIB and others should notice that they should not promote measures and phenomena such as lottery and similar phenomena. The ayahs that the honorable qari recited in a good tone teach us this lesson, “That man can have nothing but what he strives for” [The Holy Quran, 53: 39]. Your true and real accomplishment is what comes from your effort and endeavor. This is your real achievement. If they serve you cooked food or if they are kind enough to put it in your mouth, this will get you nowhere. When your mind, intellect, body and determination work efficiently, this will help you and society to grow. The societies which grew in the world in material terms, did so as a result of their effort. Allah the Exalted has even promised those who only work for materialistic goals and who do not pursue spirituality and otherworldly bliss that He will help them in their ways. Therefore, one should work hard.

However, we are not entirely focused on materialistic goals. We are after the welfare and the scientific, materialistic and technological growth of society, but we also pursue spirituality, ethics, dignity and moral growth for the sake of society. We are after these things as well. We are not satisfied with material progress only and this requires diligence. And it is possible. It is quite possible to achieve this diligence and it has thankfully begun.

When I look at different groups of people throughout the country – who are mostly young, educated and spiritually motivated – I see that this movement has thankfully begun. When I spoke about the second step [of the Revolution], this means that the same motivation, movement and lofty determination which managed to liberate this country, after many years, from the scourge of colonialists and arrogant powers – this endeavor required a lofty determination, but the people of Iran managed to show it with the leadership of our magnanimous Imam – exists today as well.

And the goal was to launch a great movement. By Allah’s favor, this great movement will lead to a bright future for the people of Iran and by Allah’s grace, the Iranian nation will reach that peak of transcendence and dignity in worldly and otherworldly terms. And this is the duty of you youth. This is the duty of our youth. Thankfully, today, our youth are capable and motivated enough to do this. They have the necessary mental growth, maturity and determination to accomplish this. Of course, the enemy is angry and upset with this.

Fortunately, our nation is a united nation. Notice that in the recent floods, no one invited the people to help in an insistent manner. Sometimes, we insist on certain issues and we invite the people to do certain things, but this time, there was no need. The people themselves “flooded” the flood-stricken areas to help. The incident that has occurred in the country today in the face of this natural calamity – the recent floods were a natural calamity – is a great and important event, one that is more significant than the floods themselves. Youth from all corners of the country set out for those areas and cooperated with the locals and with local youth.

The financial and physical assistance that they donated and provided are very important things. These incidents exist in the country, all of which promise a good future. The enemies, of course, cannot stand seeing this and they are doing their best. The other day, I said that these endeavors by the enemy are in fact his last breaths on the path of enmity [Supreme leader’s speech in an assembly with the participants of the 36th Quran Competitions, delivered on April 15, 2019]. Today too, I would like to confirm this. The enemy will get tired of showing enmity, but by Allah’s favor, the Iranian nation will not become tired.

May Allah the Exalted bestow His mercy on our magnanimous Imam who opened this path to us. God’s mercy be upon our dear martyrs who managed to bring us this security and independence

God’s mercy be upon martyrs from among the society of laborers – a society which has always participated in an active way in all arenas whether during the Sacred Defense Era, in subsequent eras or in the present time

And God’s mercy, greetings and blessings be upon all you dear ones. Send salaams on my behalf, to all other dear brother and sister laborers.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings



New release from Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i: “The Armed Forces Are the Fortress of the People”

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure and immaculate household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth
You are very welcome dear brothers, diligent and hard working  in the true sense of the word  commanders. I deem it necessary to congratulate all you – including the honorable Commander, the commanders of different forces, the high-ranking officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army and each and every member of this diligent army – on Army Day and on the different achievements of the army which has thankfully brought us many glories in different areas.
Of course, this congratulation is not particular to you. It is expressed to your families as well because they endeavor beside you too, particularly your spouses. Had it not been for their cooperation, harmony and assistance in this difficult task that has been entrusted to you, you would not have been able to make these achievements or at least, you would have faced difficulties in part of your job and part of your duties. The higher the responsibilities, the more trouble families go through. Send salaams to your spouses and families on my part and congratulate them on Army Day, on the 15th of Shaban, on the eids of Shaban and on Eid Nowruz.
Well, the statements of Brigadier Haydari were very good statements. He correctly explained the issues. He correctly explained most forceful against unbelievers and compassionate among themselves [reference to the Holy Quran, 48: 29]. That was a good interpretation of the realities of todays army. Without a doubt, the Armed Forces are one of the main manifestations and elements of national power. Of course, this is not the case in all countries. In many countries, the armed forces are not an element of a nations power, rather they are an element of the power that belongs to tyrants, dictators and the like. If necessary, they will suppress their nations as well.
This is the case even in those countries where the claim of supporting freedom and democracy has deafened the whole world. You should look at the Parisian Saturdays”. However, in our country, this is not the case thanks to Islam and to Islamic teachings. It is Islam that has taught this to us: The army is, by the will of Allah, the fortress of the subjects [Nahjul Balaghah, Letter 53].
You are the nations fortress. You are the fortress of the masses of the people. This fortress is not particular to wartime. Well, during wartime, you stand in the frontline and risk your lives in the face of the enemy. You employ different methods on the basis of your knowledge and expertise in order to defeat and suppress the enemy and force the aggressor into retreat. This is related to wartime. In that area, you are truly the peoples fortress and bulwark.
The same is true of peacetime. Of course, this does not include natural calamities which I will expand on later. Even if there are not natural incidents and even if the Armed Forces stay in their bases and military headquarters, they are still a source of assurance for the masses of the people. When the people feel there is an efficient ground force, air force, sea force and a competent defense force which is ready in the country, they rest assured and feel comfortable. The enemies of the Iranian nation are opposed to this though. Notice that they sometimes say certain things about the Army, about the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and about their relations towards one another in order to agitate the people by portraying the Army Forces as nervous inside themselves. Therefore, in peacetime too, the establishment and preparedness of the Armed Forces in their bases, in their offices and in their headquarters are a source of tranquility for the people.
Now, we need to speak about natural incidents. After the Kermanshah earthquake, the presence of the army and other divisions of the Armed Forces was a vital presence. In other words, if they had not shown their presence in the quake-stricken areas and if they had not rushed to the peoples help, our casualties  apart from various damages  would certainly have multiplied. This was related to the Kermanshah earthquake. Regarding the recent floods too, I ordered the Armed Forces to participate, but I know for sure that even before my command, an important part of the Armed Forces  the army, Sepah and others  were present in the arena.
The Army showed its presence in Golestan before the Crisis Management Headquarters did so. Before the Crisis Management Headquarters could set foot there, the army was there: The fortress of the subjects means this. And this presence was not confined to providing machinery, tools and the like, rather their bodies and physical capabilities were at the service of the people.
A colonel from the army bends down to allow an old man to step on his back so he can climb unto truck! Notice that these are things that will be remembered forever. They will not be lost in history. The Iranian nation saw this. This is being the fortress of the subjects. When the army says that it will sacrifice its life for the nation, we know that this is a genuine claim. The army is working. These are the values that exist.
Another point is that thanks to the Islamic Republic, the Islamic Republic of Iran Army is not merely a provider of machinery, experience, science and skill, rather in various parts of the army, there is an exhibition of Islamic values. Many divisions of the army are a showcase of Islamic values. In army academies, military bases and office centers, there is attention to religious obligations and duties and to rendering service. These are issues that have shown themselves in the army. I do not want to pass a general judgement. Not everyone in the army is like this. The important point is to have role models who can be held up and shown to others. One can show the likes of Abbas Babai, Sayyad Shirazi and others to the people. We can show such people to the Islamic Ummah saying that they are like this. Their commitment, their sacrifice, their humility and their indifference to fame and position were exemplary.
At a certain point in time, we wanted to appoint the commander-in-chief of the Air Force. Three names had been brought up: Shahid Sattari, Shahid Babai and another person whose name I do not remember. This dates back to my presidency. I left it to them saying that I do not want to choose. I think that I summoned them, but I do not remember it exactly as it happened a long time ago  many years ago. I said to them that they should sit down and choose one from among themselves. So, they did this. At that time, it was customary for the commander-in-chief of the air force to be a pilot. Shahid Sattari was not a pilot, rather he was in the technical department. However, they appointed him citing certain reasons. Shahid Babai, whose name I remember, and the other person, whose name I do not remember, could have given a signal to help others understand that they were willing to be the commander-in-chief and this would easily have happened.
After all, Shahid Babai was a pilot and at that time, pilots had the most resources at the Air Force. They had the best chance to be appointed as the commander-in-chief, but they did not signal anything. These are very important points. Narrow-minded eyes and foolish tongues often fail to either see these things or mention them in any way. However, these phenomena exist. I have been very active in the army and I have been in contact with many army personalities. I have seen these things up close and they exist in the army. This army is very valuable. “Ideological army” means this. You who are commanders should strengthen this phenomenon.
In the present time, the army is in the hands of pious and revolutionary youth at the army. The gentlemen who are commanders in the present time were mostly revolutionary youth who entered the army after the Revolution. Of course, a few of them used to be in the army a little before the Revolution, but most of them enlisted after the Revolution. Today, the management of this large and valuable organization is in your hands. You should strengthen the army in this direction as much as you can. Today, our army is more pious and efficient than ever. There is really no doubt about this.
Those who have gotten used to humiliating the nation and respecting the traitors to this nation keep repeating that it was Reza Khan who established the modern army. Well, how resistant was that modern army against the invasion of the foreigners? How many individuals in that modern army could stand by the cause and lay down their lives? They can do the counting to enlighten us. They could not resist even for 24 hours, but this army resisted and fought at a full-scale war for eight years! We were witness to their endeavors and moves. We were witness to the trouble that they went through. This is how things are. This army has more expertise, experience and morale. It has better capabilities and it is more pious, Godly and trustworthy. This has been achieved thanks to the Islamic Republic. It is the Islamic Republic that has trained such an army which is thankfully a source of honor.
The army and the armed forces do not merely attend to national interests. They ensure national interests, but our Armed Forces today are beneficent to many other countries as well. Notice what would have happened to the region had the Armed Forces  the Army and Sepah  not participated in the fight against DAESH. Of course, other countries did what they were supposed to do, but who can deny the role of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran? Notice if they had not gotten involved, how peoples in our neighboring countries would have fared and what kind of people would have seized power? The Armed Forces are distributing their blessings. They are distributing God-given blessings among themselves and among others. Everyone benefits from their blessings. I hope that this will continue so much so that the whole world will benefit from your blessings, God willing.
Another important task which can already be seen in the army, but which should be strengthened God willing  Brigadier Haydari also pointed it out  is unity among the Armed Forces. You and Sepah should not get disunited. What the gentlemen did following the indecent move against Sepah made by the Americans was a beautiful move. They extended the hand of brotherhood to Sepah. Whatever that you do which makes the enemy angry is good and whatever is done which is to the advantage of the enemy is bad, no matter if it is done by someone who wears a seminarian cloak like me or by someone who wears a military uniform. It does not make a difference. The enemy should not be emboldened. His morale should not be boosted.
Today, one of the most important war tactics in the world, is the war of morale. Of course, this has always been the case but it is even more so today. In war, they try to weaken the other sides morale. That little man [US president] has trillions of dollars of debts with different calamities and difficulties in his own country. They are faced with floods and storms  like the one that broke out a few years ago and they could not help for many years. They have these difficulties, but they engage in lecturing the Islamic Republic, the people of Iran and the officials of the country. They talk a load of nonsense and label the people of Iran with things that befit their own status. The enemy is like this. He wants to weaken the other sides morale.
They know what the truth is and they are aware of their own problems and miseries. They also see the great and fast movement of the Iranian nation. What is being done in the present time in several provinces regarding the recent floods is extraordinary. Ones tongue is really incapable of describing this correctly. The Army, Sepah, Basij, the masses of the people and the clergy and seminarians have all contributed in different ways. Several thousand clergy and students rushed to the peoples help with empty hands while many of them did not have the necessary capability and resources to do so. The financial resources that the people provided are astonishing. They are either unprecedented in the world or have very few precedents.
These are incidents which show the great movement of the Iranian nation. The enemy sees these things, but he does not deem it appropriate to express it. That is why they engage in raving and ranting in order to weaken our morale. On the other hand, you should take care not to boost the other sides morale and to weaken our own morale. No one should behave like this. You should apply this in your promotions, in your statements and in your performances.
The army is thankfully a good army. I hope that you will carry out tasks in a better way, benefit from your expertise, improve your performance and employ your experience in an extensive manner on a daily basis. The reports that are delivered to your superiors should be exact and real reports. All organizations should pay attention that they should deliver true reports because reports lead to decision-building. Decision-makers should have access to correct reports so that they can make correct decisions. I thank all of you. I hope that you will be successful, God willing.
Greetings be upon you and Allahs mercy and blessings