New release from Ayat Allah ‘Ali Hussayni Khamina’i: “American Officials Are Imbeciles Who Keep Repeating Failed Methods”

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure, immaculate and chosen household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth

You are very welcome, dear brothers, dear sisters, dear youth and dear teenagers. You really brighten our eyes with your presence. I believe in you. I am very hopeful about your present and about your future. I hope that this will be an auspicious Eid for you, God willing.

The extensive and multi-functional organization of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is an outstanding organization in the country. When it comes to confronting the enemy in political terms, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is in the frontlines. When it comes to confronting the enemy in practical, military and operational arenas, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is in the frontlines. If this enemy penetrates into our borders and pours onto our alleys and streets, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is in the frontlines. If he shows himself several thousand kilometers away – around Hazrat Zaynab’s Shrine (God’s greetings be upon her), the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is again in the frontlines.

That is why you witness what antics the Americans perform for the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps! Of course, their efforts will be of no avail. They foolishly think that they are hatching plots against the Guards Corps and the country, but the Holy Quran says, “But those who defy Allah are themselves the subject of the plot” [The Holy Quran, 52: 42]. He who is being deceived, who thinks he is moving towards the summit while he is in fact descending into the depths of failure is a person who “defies Allah” – in others words, Trump, the shaitans, the malicious personalities and the fools surrounding the ruling system of the US. They are such individuals.

They think that they are advancing, but they are repeating the previous 40-year experiences with complete foolishness. Well during that time, you exerted political and economic pressures, you launched a comprehensive propaganda campaign, you launched military and security attacks, you strengthened the Zionist regime, all with the purpose of destroying the Islamic Republic, but did you succeed? One day, the Islamic Republic was a system without an economy and army and without any military and diplomatic resources. It did not know what to do because we were not experienced and we were only beginning our experiences. That day, you could not do a damn thing and today, the Islamic Republic has everything at its disposal!

You should not look at the high price of such and such goods and products. Well, such things happen. Part of it stems from negligence, part of it comes from inexperience and part of it is a result of the enemy’s malevolence. That is why you see all of a sudden that the price of meat – for example – goes up. These are incidents, but the great movement of the Revolution, the great movement of the Islamic Republic, the influence of the Islamic Republic in the region and in the whole world and the fact that the US, despite all its glamour, claims it wants to stand against the Islamic Republic – of course, they have stood against us, but they have not managed to do a damn thing – show that the method adopted by the US in the past 40 years, is a failed method. However, these imbeciles continue to adopt this method.

When we describe them as imbeciles, idiots, fools, rogues and other such descriptions, this does not solve any problem. The problem will be solved only when we know what we want to do, when we move on the path that we have chosen in the true sense of the word and when we identify our status, role and influence and then move forward.

We wish to create a system and a society based on divine rules. In this system, there is worldly and otherworldly happiness, money, dignity, material power, dominance over all the important regions in the world, spirituality and attention. Others achieve dominance through atomic bombs – in other words, by committing crimes. However, the Islamic Republic has declared that atomic bombs are haraam. These fools constantly speak about atomic bombs. Before they said it, we ourselves announced that we did not want it because it is against our religious and legal principles. Our dominance is of a different kind! Is the power that the Islamic Republic has achieved today because of atomic bombs? Is it because of nuclear enrichment? Not at all! There are other factors involved.

The world of Islam holds the Iranian nation in respect because of its sacrifice, resistance and insight. When we speak about insight, well we are an 80 million-plus nation. Out of this population, some are children and teenagers and they are not involved in such matters. And there are some people who are opposed to our path. However insight means that there is a group of people in the country who reach the necessary limit and who have stood by this path. This is the meaning of the Iranian nation’s resistance. When you see someone write a load of nonsense in a newspaper or speak against our principles or when you see such and such a social media channel promote a falsehood, these do not determine the Iranian nation’s path. What determines the Iranian nation’s path is this main orientation which is moving forward and which will continue to move forward on a daily basis.

This is our path and you play a part in it. You play an important part in it. The entire Islamic Revolution Guards Corps plays a part in it. The different divisions of the Guards Corps have each certain roles to play. Executive organizations and other military divisions each have certain roles. All of us should know what our role is. I should identify my role and act on it in the true sense of the word, and not for the sake of gaining people’s approval, rather for the sake of God: “Our Lord, forgive us our sins and anything we may have done that transgressed our duty” [The Holy Quran, 3: 157].

We should strengthen our relationship with God. It was God’s saints who opened this path. It was Imam who opened this path. Imam was a righteous servant of God in the true sense of the word. He was a leader. He was like this. He believed in God’s cause. The truths of religion were absolutely clear to his heart. He had entrusted his heart to the cause and so he moved forward with that spirit.

The day when there was no trace of such things, when there was no considerable population and government and when everything was in the hands of the enemies and the taghuti regime, he turned to the head of the taghuti regime [the Shah] – the main taghut – and he chastised and reprimanded him. He said some very harsh things to him. His issue was the issue of God. This path will continue in the same fashion. I hope that the youth will find their roles, God willing. I hope that teenagers will prepare themselves, God willing. I hope that by Allah’s favor, parents will prepare youth and teenagers for the future and that everyone stays on the straight path.

Dear God, keep us on the straight path. Dear God, raise the position of our magnanimous Imam.

Dear God, place the pure souls of the martyrs in the highest and best spiritual positions in paradise. Help us join them.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings



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